Will they sell 15000? [They did]

A better week than each of the three preceding ones. Maybe press coverage on Wired and Phonandroid helped to widen the sphere of potential buyers? Here’s hoping the recent slowdown trend might have been left behind. :innocent:


I am excited to see if the covers announced have an impact :slight_smile: .

I also hope they will be able to address the state of open source / third party OS support before the end of september.


They certainly did! Over the last 3 days the weekly average of daily sales (!!), having dropped to 80 last week, is nearly back to 100 and still rising.

(out geeking urs_lesse here!!)


Today i received an Email on the Fairphone 2 interest list promising the full cost breakdown. I am very interested in that myself, but i also think it makes a good topic for tech websites to blog about and therefore again raising awareness!


Currently just 15 short of 10000. Might not happen within an hour, but most likely today. :blush:


So there are only 5000 devices left to be sold within 25 days (200 a day in average). I hope that it’s possible with the release of the Cost Breakdown!

Edit: … And of course the release of the source code! (@rekotc’s post here made me remember it)





Darn!! I missed the 10,000 mark :frowning:

But hey ho, it’s moving quickly again :stuck_out_tongue:


On Sept. 2nd I recieved number 9.459. Now, five days later, we have reached 10.020! That makes a plus of more than 500 within 5 days, so about 100 per day. Looks good!
But more carefully analysed, it means that it will take 50 days to make it up to the 15.000 criterion.

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That’s my opinion, too.
I can’t understand, why the people from Fairphone spend so much afford, time and money in a very good phone and transform it afterwards in something ordinary, closed and in the last result unfair, by installing android on it.

Please change this!!!

@berta All we know so far is that Fairphone are working with FLOSS communities to get alternative operating systems working on the FP2. So they are not “closing the phone and making it unfair”. They will probably release the source code when the phone will be released.


Yes how dare they! It’s obivous that Android is developed by abused children who have working days that last 14 hours and the little money they do earn is stolen by militias that use it to fund their civil war.


@Jerry you have a point but please don’t mock other people for their hopes and believes.
This is your third post in the last few weeks that could offend people. Us moderators discussed it and decided your posts are not “enough” for an official warning, but let me tell you inofficially that I have an eye on you.
Please express yourself a little more considerate in the future. Thanks

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According to me, the sales will improve when :
1- we see these pictures everywhere on the site + shop site :smile:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/5915cfb93c308707c6ffd3548777ec8cf9130a57.png" width=“150” height=250">

Tonight ? :smile:

2- when Fairphone announce it will be possible, soon, to upgrade the phone with the 13MP camera module :blush:

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Because most people want an Android phone?

Of course you can root it and load something else if that’s your thing - but a lot of us just want a fairly manufacturered, robust and repairable phone … and actually quite like Android 5.1.


BTW: seems not everyone gets sarcasm!!! Not sure who the moderators think you were insulting, google or Berta (??)… but I at least get your meaning ;¬)

… anyway, now need to sell 213 a day to make 15k … I don’t see it myself, but it was & is a tough target - and hopefully once a few are out in the world, sales will shoot up.

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I’m positive about that. Many struggle to buy a phone nobody knows much about.

People ought to grow a spine then. But ok, I’ll settle down.

I guess doubly so because there already is a group of 60,000 enthousiasts that already bought a FP1. I don’t know how many people that already bought a FP1(u) will buy a FP2 especially not because doing that would kind of defeat the purpose of FairPhone’s longevity ideals.

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Fairphone intend on releasing all the relevant source codes for the BSP which will be great when we see it.

This should allow just about any android based OS to be run on it, once porting work is done.


  • Android systems like Cyanogenmod and Replicant.
  • Weird hybrids like FirefoxOS
  • Hybris based systems like SailfishOS, Ubuntu Touch, LuneOS (WebOS), and Plasma Mobile.

Sure there is a lot of work to be done to enable all of that, but once the source code is released then Fairphone have done their bit and its up to the various communities to support the device.

but this discussion probably belongs here