Will these apps work on Fairphone Open OS?

Its been a long time since my last entry. I have had a great time with the FP2, nevertheless I’d like to install FP Open OS. But I’d like to know if it is robust now, I mean, if I install it I could use the phone as primary phone( I don’t have more).
Besides I have another question, I have bought some applications and I’d like to know if they can be installed in the phone once I switched to FP Open OS.

Thanks in advance for the answers and thanks for the effort to try to do a fairier world :wink:

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Just tell us with apps you want to use. Best in a new topic, this on is more about the future of the non-Google rom.

If your applications depend on Google you could try to get your paids apps working with mircoG. But keep in mind that all this will be an ugly work around that may or may not work stable.

If you really depend on the apps and these apps for some reason need Google, it’s better to use a Google rom if you want to be 100% sure that they work. Catch 22.

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Thank you for your quick answer.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to open a new topic. :confused: Well, I use


ES Explorer
My Cloud



Some for traveling.


And Google apps

I have extracted the APKs, and I’ll try to install FP Open OS now. But if there are replacements for the free ones I’d love to try them :slight_smile:

Have you used FP Open OS lately? it is stable? It can be used as first phone?


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I’m on for open OS since distributed. It’s my main and only phone. Because I also have paid for apps and using Google’s push service I installed opengapps nano.
Some paid for apps need the Google infrastructure to check their status. Also, one should definitely use some mechanism to have ones (trusted!) Apps updated

That said: I don’t know whether microgms also support the push mechanism. In this case, f-droid may be the way to go, if you want to stay as Google free as possible.

Whatsapp --> yes, even updates without google. Get the APK directly from WhatsApp
Firefox --> yes, get it from F-Droid
k9-Mail --> should
Youtube --> I use WebTube


But for how long? No one knows. There is a depreciation notice since a long time but the app is still regularly updated. Anyways I use the recommended IceCat Mobile and it’s great.

Telegram -> Yes, from f-droid

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I think most of them should work, except for the Google based ones (Youtube, GoogleCast), you can try using micoG, but if you depend on these apps to work everyday, you will need GMS from Google.

But as soon as you (=your apps) use Google’s infrastructure … you depend on Google. One way or another. Most people cannot see this, because it’s the programmers making this “choice”, not them. And Google optimizes everything to “help” the programmers to choose their services. The “Google Play license check” as an example could make it impossible for you to use some paid apps, I fear. But I’m not an expert, maybe it will just work?

A good website to understand how the apps and the store work together is maybe http://blog.onyxbits.de/

Please do not use Raccoon as a tool for piracy. Paid apps commonly perform license checks through the official Google Play app. Don’t buy apps that request the com.android.vending.CHECK_LICENSE permission unless you are willing and able to allow this.

@paulakreuzer, @Stefan Could you please reopen the open os roadmap? It’s an interessting topic. Fairphone Open OS roadmap discussion

Because F-Droid doesn’t build it, they only distribute the official APK.
Firefox APK can be downloaded from ftp.mozilla.org. Beta and Aurora (former nightly) versions autoupdate themselves (Aurora daily). The process can be somewhat automated with FFUpdate


My main repo is F-Droid, but I installed the Amazon app store for the payware / closed source apps I use. This apps store is not digging itself into the guts of the system like Google Play. All my apps seem to work although some complain about missing Google Play services. I just click the warning away and they still work:
Mobile Observatory (an excellent Astro App)
DB Navigator
ODB Fusion (to read and reset my cars ECU)

Important: Amazon offers two app stores, one is called “Amazon Underground”. It’s a huge file, they offer free versions of paid apps, but you pay with your privacy! I recommend the original Amazon App store. Strangely they advertise the much smaller app store “for tablets”, while they recommend the “Underground” bloatware for phones - maybe they want to track you via GPS…


Thanks for the information.
But I’ve been reading and the documentation suggest to install microG project, so can you share the link tto download the opengapps nano?.



You may be interested in this as well:


Be careful, don’t confuse microG with GAPPS. They are two different projects. Please ignore this if you know that already.

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I didn’t know. Which one should I use then?

By the other hand I cannot install the open source OS, it says in the bootloader "CAnnot install this pakage over newer buid :confused: it supposed to be easy. Any clue?


Use miroG.

GAPPS is just Google.

If you have 1.5.1 installed, it is newer than the latest Open OS. You will either need to flash an older version, or wait for the next Open OS update. See also here:

Hey Guys. At the end I could isntall the Fairphone Open OS thank you very much. I have to say that I had to install openGapps, I tried microG but at the end some applications I use need the framework of Google :confused:

I pareciate a lot your support

Thanks and see you around!


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Did you actually try the microG Services Core as described in this step by step guide or just the unified NLP? With the whole microg set installed correctly, most/all apps that “need” the Google framework should work.

Hi. Sorry for the late response. I just used NLP. :confused:
By the other hand, I have a problem with the last update. The phone is now in loops. It says optimizing applications, then restart, then optimizing applications, then restart, and so on.

I have my phone encrypted. and cannot save the data because the bootloader don’t have the ability to mount an encrypted data¿?¿?

Anyone know how to solve it?