Will the "old cases" still be available in the future?

I just read the latest blog post about the new FP2 covers e.g. in red and white and I think they look great, but I will they replace the “old covers”? I love my black-transparent cover and if it breaks, I want to be able to buy another one. Moreover, I think many peolpe want a black phone and the new cases aren’t available in black. So PLEASE DON’T REMOVE THE OLD CASES FROM THE SHOP!!!


Currently it seems the old covers are available in black matte and transparent, but not in blue matte or black/blue translucent.

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So, since a few weeks you can preorder the slim-cased Fairphone 2 or the “normal-cased” version of it in black and transparent.
But will black-transparent, blue-transparent and blue-matte (which is now a bit unessecary due to the blue matte slim cover) be available again in the future? @Douwe do you know something about that?
I think it would be great to sell them again because many people have e.g. the blue/black-translucent covers (as can be seen here)and might want them again if they break :slight_smile:


Hey @Stanzi,

In the future we’ll only sell the transparent and the black matte cover as the ‘original’ covers. All the other colors are already phased out.



What a pity, the blue translucent cover was (and is) my absolute favorite…


@Douwe can you save me one black translucent case which I can pick up at the next EFCT? :wink:

As I understand douwe’s post the translucent covers will still be sold.

I am very sure that was a typo. Douwe certainly meant “transparent”, not “translucent”.


Correct! Typo has been removed :slight_smile:

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@Douwe why have the covers been phased out? Are they of worse quality than the others perhaps?

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“This is a community forum, if you want that the Fairphone staff hears this, send them a support request.” :grin: @Stanzi you should know that! :wink:

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I opened a support request this morning as my cover has split badly near the USB port. Support already answered it (quick!) and offered me a choice between transparent, blue matte and black matte. So blue matte is still in stock, and soon I’ll be having one of those.


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