Will Fairphone 3 get a smaller brother?

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I hope here is the right place to post this question and that the topic wasn’t already discussed. I searched the forum a little bit but I couldn’t find anything similar.
Does anybody know if there are any plans for the Fairphone 3 to get a “smaller” brother? Maybe something in the size of the Fairphone 1…?
For me and for a lot of my friends the Fairphone 2 is much to big to comfortably cary it in the pocket of your jeans or easily operate with one hand. Unfortunately a lot of these friends already switched to iPhone 4s or 5s just because of the size…
I have to admit that I was very upset when the support for the Fairphone 1 was stopped and now when my old phone broke I got a Fairphone 2 just because is the only “fairphone” on the market.
There are a lot of very practical people out there (especially between the fair trade followers) who aren’t married to their phone and just need it now and then to easily take scare of stuff or get some informations. It will be so nice if they would also have something to chose from.
Actually a revival of the Fairphone 1 would be enough. A pimped Fairphone 1 would make a lot of people happy!
I know that nowadays the trend is big but do we have to follow the trend…?

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Nobody knows anything about the FP3 yet, but last thing we heard was that they thought about making the FP3 more like the FP1 again - so maybe smaller and cheaper than the FP2.
I’d say it’s unlikely that they bring out two models as they are still a very small company and developing a product takes a lot of time and resources.

A similar topic about a “FP2 mini” exists:

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There is not much known yet, see this thread:

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i’m much in favor of a smaller fairphone, FP1 size screen would be absolutely fine for me. using my FP2 is fun & easy - i have rather large hands - but still after 2 years i regret having given my FP1 away. i simply find the larger screen too intruding, or “invasive” if you wish…

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Actually any mobile smartphone is meant to be carried in tight pockets also with heat accumulation. Furthermore mechanical stress is always something bearing the risk of malfunction and damage.
Most common as many users of smartphones of which ever brand could experience for themselv are broken audio and µUSB sockets and sometimes cracked displays.

The size of the hand for operating and holding the handset is just as unique as each color of skin. Sometimes it’s a fit, sometimes not.
How should Fairphone meet a perfect custom fit if not wanting to match up with other manufacturers launching new models on a regular weekly basis?
Sometimes it’s just take what’s available or look out for a compromise.

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