FP3s --- smaller version coming?

I vote for a smaller version of FP3. The “normal sized” FP3 is good for most people, but for me it’s too big. And I’m NOT the Only one.

Let’s call it FP3s. Or maybe just FPs?

And: yes, this is a community forum, but FP might read it and if there are lots of posts and likes, they might consider to follow “their customer’s” desires.


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I must say, though, to those asking what gender has to do with it, are you male? Because a woman would never dream of being able to put anything in her pockets. Clothing manufacturers for some reason still assume women don’t own things, forcing them to always carry a purse. If dresses come with pockets, it’s a miracle. If jeans come with pockets, they are usually either small or even sewn shut! It is not a matter of style either. My ex-bf wore very tight jeans but they still came with plenty of storage space. So, in short, if all women allowed their pocket space to decide what they could and could not buy, they would not own a single thing. Come to think of it, maybe sewing everyone’s pockets shut is a quick fix to rampant consumerism.


my wife definitely is female. and she complained about the size, because it was supposed to be her new phone. now it’s mine. and she got a second hand samsung.

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I definitely understand your wish, but I don’t think they’re going to put out two models, unfortunately. I’m also wondering if it might be more difficult to create a modular phone that’s smaller. Furthermore, on other brands’ ‘s’ models, aren’t the specs usually a little less impressive than the main model? In the case of the FP3 I’m not sure the result would be desirable?

Still, I hope your wish comes true, because I must admit, when I saw the pictures of the FP3 I was hoping for it to be similar in size to the iPhone 4s.


well, that’s the only way. To have a high end flagship for geeks and girls. and an alternative for everyone who has different desires (e.g. price, size, OS, whatsoever). Only that way they can cover the most people’s desires. And that’s why every other phone company is having different versions, even though the flagship is always the high end phone.

(OT: the “high end” term might not fit to the actual FP3 in 2020, indeed. That’s why it’s modular, I guess. I hope.)

It’s modular because it allows for easy repairs. I believe the main goal is sustainability. That is why I don’t expect any other models. The existence of so many choices is probably what drives people to buy new stuff so often. Like appleheads buying the latest iPhone every year. But also buying a new phone because the camera is ever so slightly better than the one on your current phone. It’s not in Fairphone’s interest to release a new model that might lead people to trade in their FP3. I think most of us have ideas about features they’d like to see on the FP3. However, you make compromises in order to own a fair, sustainable product.


Off-topic: are you insinuating girls can’t be geeks?:sweat_smile::wink:


well. OT again…

disagree again. It’s modular because the producer calls it like that. iPhone 4- iPhone 6 was about the same easy to repair. but at Fairphone supports the repair for 3rd party companies and private people. and the camera update for the FP2 was a proof of being able to update single parts of the phone. So it should be even possible, to update the mainboard instead of publishing a FP4. if the design is stable and widely accepted (FP2 wasn’t), there’s no need to ever design a whole FP4 again. Then the concentration of the designers can focus on hardware updates and on a second phone for different desires.

:roll_eyes: well… no comment on that.

I “vote” against a smaller version. I think the size of the FP3 screen is just perfect.

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People were already discussing this for the FP2, and the answer is still the same: It’s not possible (yet and in the near future). Changing the mainboard is almost like buying a new phone (e.g. the core module of the FP2 was responsible for ~76% of CO2-emissions) and moreover you would have huge issues such as ensuring backwards compatibility with all the older modules and so on.
I’m also very in favour of this concept, but for now it’s neither doable nor environmentally friendly.


I assume FP as a small company has enough to do with supporting one device (development, software support, customer support, …) and they won’t have capacity for an additional model in parallel. In addition it might decrease the number of each model and in electronic device business, I assume, the more devices you produce, the better is the price…

Don’t think that two different size models would drive people to drop one of them and switch faster to the other one. I assume all possible customers would decide from the beginning which device they select and would normally stay with that size.


so you think just because you have what you want the other’s have to have the same phone as you? I don’t want a replacement, I want an additional s-model - that wouldn’t affect you at all.

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The iPhone 4 was my first smartphone and I still mourn after it because of its perfect size for my likings. Unfortunately I lost it while paragliding at Wasserkuppe in deep snow.
Also, has anybody noticed that there is a HUGE gap in the market as of right now with small smartphones? Look at the search function of GSMArena for example: When you try to search for phones roughly the size of iPhone 4 or even iPhone 5 (ca. 125x60x10mm), there are like almost none. Believe me, I did this search in very many variations. And don’t even ask about “special” prerequirements, like an up to date OS, or removable battery. So a phone this size would have almost no competition whatsoever, and I can’t just believe that there is no demand for that.

You think it is the perfect size FOR YOU. An additional model would affect you barely if any.

See it like this: Instead of buying an completly new phone when your SoC is out of date or doesn’t support the newest OS, you can SAVE 24% of CO² emissions, by updating just your motherboard.

While this is assumably true in general, a second model with similar specs does not neccesarily mean that they have to manage the double amount of modules. You could design both models in the way that they use the same modules. While the smaller one maybe just be missing a piece, or simply having a smaller motherboard and/or battery to compensate for its size.

So to draw a line under here:

Yeah, I too would like a small and handy phone with similar features as the FP3 has.

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No, I do not think that. I simply wanted to state that I personally really like the size, that’s all. You are of course free to find the FP3 too big and to ask for a smaller version. Good luck with that.


I would prefer it if a small company like Fairphone would focus on a full-blown successor of FP3 (ie. FP4) instead. Regarding the size of FP4: figure what the majority of customers want, and give them that.


yes, smaller size please. i had argued for this here in the forum when it became clear that there would be successor of FP2. not to much avail, obviously. my FP1 was much of the “right size” (a tad larger than iPhone 4s), and though i use my FP2 daily i never got used to its size. with time, my aversion got even stronger. i think by now i will go on using my FP2 as long as it’s working, and then leave the fairphone movement, with regrets, if there’s no small version.


For the pocket issue: I happened to get two Scotch and Soda jeans from someone who works there and my FP3 easily fits in the front pockets of both jeans. :slight_smile: