Will all external Microphones work with USB-C on FP5?

Will all external Microphones work with USB-C on FP5?

The only reasonable answer can be ‘no’, as none of us can have experience with all microphones on the market or the FP5.

But maybe you can elaborate the reason for your question a little bit more so the chances for a satisfying answer will be greater.

Thank You. Will JVC HA-FR9UC-B - USB Typ-C work? Or which one could be recommended?

This is not a microphone, but a headset. What exactly are you searching for? For what purpose?
What about an USB-C to mini jack adapter, and using a ‘normal’ headset?

Thank You. This ist hopefully the way. Ich would like to use my “old” Samsung S8 headset. Yes, your are right, its a headset. If it then works with an adapter, I will get one. Thank You!
I found Nimaso USB C zu 3.5mm Klinke - this should work, shouldn’t it? :wink:

Does it have a DAC? There is a thread with working adapters for the FP4:

I guess it can be used for the FP5 too.

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“NIMASO liefert einen leistungsstarken integrierten DAC-Chip,”
integrated DAC-Chip - Thanks for this additional Information!

Thank You! Also for the Link to the shop. Should have found it myself :wink:

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