Wifi not working after factory reset and update of Fairphone Open

Hello everyone,

I come to you because the wifi on my phone is not working anymore. When I try to launch it, it is unable to find any network. When I go to “advanced wifi settings”, it says my MAC address is 02:00:00:00:00:00.

I have used Fairphone Open with xposed for more than a year now. In june, I experienced this bug (freeze and reboot after update to FP OOS 17.06) combined with this one (parts of the touchscreen not working). Until then, my wifi was working perfectly. I sent my screen to support, which asked me to perform a fastboot update of the system and sent me a new display module that I received last week.
After a factory reset, I managed to boot the device to FP open 17.08 but my wifi was gone. I tried an update to 17.09 but nothing changed.

Do you know if there is anything I can do to repair that ? Maybe the factory reset deleted some important file for the wifi ?

Thank you in advance for your help

Sorry that no one answered you. If your problem still persists, have you tried installing the lastest Update again? I also experienced some bugs (e.g. bootloop) after updating which I could solve via re-instaling the OS :slight_smile:

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