Wifi/Mobile traffic arrows causing icons to bounce around in the status bar

Seems like the issue is also present for the FP5.

When there is WiFi or mobile network traffic, 2 arrows appear in the status bar which push other icons to the side for a second. This is distracting and looks like an UI error. Please reserve space in the status bar for these arrows so the icons won’t move anymore, or add an option to disable these arrows.

Confirmed for the FP5 as well, not sure if I should duplicate this one. I opt for now to not duplicate it. If there are any objections, let me know.

I have been confused by this already, too, but shouldn’t that help against burn-in on the OLED screen of the FP5…?

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Getting burn-in on a modern screen is hard as far as I know and experienced. But let’s say it’s a feature and not a bug, it would still be nice to have a toggle for this distracting UI issue.

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W8, whats confirmed where? To clarify, this is now just about these arrows appearing to the left of either Wifi or mobile network quality symbol, thus pushing further settings symbols to the left. Everything to the right of the arrows is solid.
This is a completely different level to the movement involved as it was on FP3 (fixed) and FP4 (unfixed). So on the FP5 I would not call it glitchy in any way and would rather hope that noone touches the current config.

It’s still glitchy, icons still bounce around.

I moved this out of the FP4 topic.

And just a comment: I never really took care and cannot see anything glitchy/jumping so I guess it depends what icons you use? I think in the video it was NFC to the left of the arrows, so everything to the left jumps?

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This is the behavior that was called out glitchy on both FP3+FP4 (as far as I understood and in my involvment of reporting at issuetracker for FP3). Except for the stupid + popping up there, this was fixed for FP3. Fix for FP4 did not survive.
The glitchyness restricts imo to two observations:

  1. the triangle or the WiFi connection strength indicator to the right of the arrows does not stay at its place
  2. in consequence the symbols to the left of the arrows move above the amount needed for making space of just the arrows.

I will try and post the behavior on FP5 in similar way soon, but in the video linked in the starting post, at least at the timepoint referenced, this does look solid imo. The symbols move once to the left once the arrows appear, and back once they disappear. Also the “issue” of exchanging 4G with 4G+ is handled okayish, as there happens a rescale in size now which is also not touching anything else.

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I enabled some icons to the left and was looking at my screen for some time with wifi on and it did not move once.
With mobile data its jumping.

Do I understand correctly, the arrows during WiFi usage are there for the whole time? Movement of symbols to the left only occurs during (re-)appearing of arrows. Which is happening way less frequent on Wifi. (For me) the behavior does not distinguish between Wifi or mobile data - it is there for both of them.

For me it makes a difference, with mobile data on it keeps on jumping constantly with wifi it stays “rock solid”

That’s the glitch. Either FP will reserve the space for those arrows and stuff stays in place or they offer a switch to disable it. I personally see no practical use in those arrows, they waste precious space from the notification bar. So reserving space is not a great idea either. There is also no guarantee that the current behavior will not degrade, like it did on the FP4. On the FP4 the arrows at first were kind of stable like it’s now on the FP5. Then there was a moment it only happened to mobile data activity, and then it went to the circus it is on Android 12. So to me it doesn’t seem like FP intentionally is improving it. Same changes cause it to become worse, but it never got fixed.

I do think with custom roms (LOS based) you have to enable it actively.

True, and you then also see how much bandwidth is used. Then there is some practical use to it.

Ok, and yeah, but nonetheless lets make clear also, that this is now happening on a very different level than what was experienced on FP3+4. It reads like they can’t handle adressing a reported glitch properly over generations of fairphones and reintroduce them with android version changes/new phone generations.
I will suspect an answer from FP like “we won’t touch this vanilla Android setup” though. So the character of this request is a different and more convenient graphical approach, and not a report of a glitch.

I went along with how you referred to it :slight_smile: so let’s not debate semantics. The issue is clear.

I realised that after sending too… should probably not have referenced wiki on top :joy:
“The” issue is clear, yes. I won’t back the request though :slightly_smiling_face: I am very happy as is for FP5 and would be very careful on how to report this request towards FP devs. Because I don’t want to see any regression here. It is finally after A9->A10 switch on FP3 again a solid statusbar in the FP ecosystem (solid in sense of there is nothing disappearing, it is working as intended, though it has in common of being distracting to the eye).

I have a bit more faith in the devs :slight_smile: They can see for themselves if their fix works or not. If they push fixes that make things worse then maybe they should switch careers :nerd_face:

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As promised for reference:

FP5 mobile data
FP5 Wifi

Both on idle. During active usage, especially Wifi becomes more stable. Reading a page in browser does not qualify for active usage though.

And to have it all in one go, here the unpatched behavior for FP3 on A10

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Both are not great, they need to fix it properly. Is that by the way the Android 13 update for the FP4?