Wifi Connections Drop

Similar to the description in the following topics, I have wifi that disconnects on it’s own. Connection works upon on-off cycling the wifi, but drops again, I guess when the phone screen turns off or goes into some kind of power saving. This phone runs lineage OS, specifically version 20 (February 14) at the moment. Earlier iterations of lineage OS seemed to behave better, so this could be related to something changed in the last several updates.

A diversity of well tested wifi networks are affected, the issue is definitely with the Fairphone device.

There is also a concurrent issue where the cellular connection seems to drop and reconnect a lot - not sure if that might be related.

Would appreciate any tips to further diagnose or resolve the issue

I experience the same issue since the past couple of weeks. The wifi keeps disconnecting from various wifi networks.

Are there options to solve the wifi issue?

Ps. I also had an issue with cellular connection while travelling and disrupting phone calls, but this seems to have improved (after changing the SIM card?).

Same here, with wifi and cellular connection.

My FP4 (with out of the box OS and regular updates) looses wifi connection regularly, at work and at home, although still within wifi reach. And cellular connection also reconnects multiple times a day, for both SIM cards (eSIM and physical SIM).

Hi all,

Please make sure you report your respective cases to official Fairphone support in as much detail as possible (build n°, network operators, wi-fi router models, what work-arounds, if any, work for you …)

I’m not seeing these problems that much (sure, there are some) in the forum or indeed on my FP4 so your handsets may have a defect that can be repaired under warranty.

Just filed a support ticket…

To add: I loose all kinds of connections regularly during the day, also without moving around. I especially noticed wifi, cellular connections, and bluetooth (headphones skip music). Only wifi has problems reconnecting, cellular and bluetooth are usually back within a short while.