WIFI connection no more working

Hello all,
I had some issues with the WIFI connection of my FP2 : after having been connected, it happened sometimes that the connection stopped for a while before reconnecting.
Even if it happened only on my FP2, and not on other devices connecting to my WIFI, I tried to reinitialize the WIFI connection by changing the password : it was worse, the FP2 connection was not stable, and it even happened that the overall WIFI option on the phone automatically deactivates (making invisible all the WIFI networks on the neighborhood) before reactivating, and sometimes reconnecting…
Being a little obstinate, I tried another time to reset my WIFI password (trying a longer one but with lower-case letters only), and now the password is not recognized anymore (whereas it is well recognized on other devices connected to the WIFI…)

So the WIFI hardware of my phone seems going to break down…
Did you already noticed such behaviour on FP2 ? Is it effectively possible that the WIFI hardware on the phone is starting going down ? In case, is it possible to replace it ?


You don’t say which firmware version your FP2 is running, but was a problem especially with some older routers and one fix here: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/unable-to-connect-to-wifi-since-fairphone-os-19-08-1-update/52441/20?u=aspergerguy

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My FP2 is running on build 19.11.2, but the issue I am facing could be linked with the update mentioned in your post… I will investigate that and let you know

Hi, I have reconfigured my Wifi network, and the connexion seems to be a little more stable (although still not perfect…), so let’s see


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