Wifi Calling with Vodafone UK

Hello. I just bought a Fairphone 3+ which I’m running on the Voxi network (it’s a Vodafone brand in the UK). The network supports wifi calling and so apparently does the Fairphone 3+, but it won’t let me turn wifi calling on. I’m reading online that Vodafone will only support wifi calling on certain devices or with phones that are latched to the Vodafone network. Is this right? If so, which UK networks can I move to which will let me use wifi calling? I live in a signal blackhole for all networks!

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Hi @upthevale Welcome to the forum.

So which vale are you dug into?

Hi I’m in the woods in Cornwall, no network and I use EE. However to get the wifi up and running initially I had to connect to the network for EE to enable it on the phone, that meant a walk to the nearby village :slight_smile: I.e. wifi can not self enable. Try climbing out of the black hole for a while and see if Vodafone want to play

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