WIFI calling with FP2

Does anybody knows, when WIFI calling is also inplemated in FP2. Some Smartphone has this feature.
e.g.: Samsung Galaxy S8 / S6 / S7; Sony Xperia XZ; HUAWEI P 10; iPhone 6 / 7
This feature is availabe for user from Vodafone, Telkom or O2

Haven’t tried yet, but I expect that the feature “Wifi calling” is independent of the device and will work on Fairphone as well. It needs to be implemented on operator side, especially. Beware that you will charged your rates as if you were calling over regular cell phone line.

If your provider and mobile plan support this, at least in LineageOS there’s status info and a switch …

… and apparently there’s a setting in Fairphone Open OS, too …

I can approve the switch is there in FP OS 17.09.3; just search in “Settings” for “wi-fi”:

Btw: n German I had to search for “WLAN” to find the settings page.


Thank you BeMiGro,
this was the information which i needed.

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