Widgets lost and access to all apps

help I think I have lost my widgets screen although I don’t even know what that is but from reading on here I think that is what it is. when I used to swipe from left to right I would go past 2 pages of apps and then to a page where it showed the recent apps that I had used and I could get to all apps but now that screen has gone. I have tried reading a few things that said go into the settings or all apps and go to widget menu but can’t find widget menu. does anyone know how I can get this screen back? and what actually is a widget? thanks

Widgets are mini-apps that run on your home screens.
In order to get them back or install others, you have to long press on an empty spot of one of your homescreens and then select Widgets. Look for “My Apps” and then drag it to the right side, until a new homescreen is generated where you can drop it.

Thanks Irana, how do I get the page back with my recent apps and link to
all apps? Thanks

Just do what I told you in my post above :slight_smile:

Thanks Irana, I have tried to do that it just added another icon on the
home screen and then said there’s no more room. I am still missing one
screen showing my recently used apps, do you know how I can get that screen
back? Thanks

  1. long press on an empty spot of one of your homescreens
  2. select Widgets
  3. Look for a widget called “My Apps”
  4. Drag it to the right side, until a new homescreen is generated
  5. there you can drop it.

Also, it would be good to know how to rearrange the icons on my home pages,
some of them I hardly use and others that I use all the time I have to go
into all apps to open. Thanks

Hi Irana, it says the homepage is full, do you know how I can make space
for it? Thanks

watch this:


You may want to take a look at the user guide, on page 16 & 17 you’ll find some descriptions for that. Maybe that helps.

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Perfect thanks, the video explained

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Talking of the user guide, is there any way of printing it, at a legible size and only in the language one wants? It appears that it will only print the whole thing on one page, which is pretty useless if you want to consult it.

Basically a printout is in the box of the FP2.
If you lost it or want to print just parts of it, I guess you’ll have to fiddle with your printer settings.

You can open the user-guide with Gimp on your PC. Gimp lets you chose, which quarter of the document (language) you want to load. From there you can do what you want - part the image and insert part by part into an office-document?


Thank you Spielmops, I’ll try this.


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