Wi-Fi password no longer remembered?

Dear all,

I experience the sudden and strange problem that my FP1 no longer remembers the provided password of some of my latest Wi-Fi networks. I have never experienced this problem before.

Has anyone else had this before?



It could be that there’s a problem with the file that stores the passwords (wpa_supplicant.conf). Moving it (so the system creates a new one) sometimes solves these issues. You’ll need adb for a root-enabled file manager to do this, see this post for details. Note that moving/deleting the file will cause the system to forget previously entered Wifi passwords. Alternatively, some wifi password managers may also correct any issues with this file.

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Thanks for the crucial hint, Johannes!

Installing WiFi Connection Manager and running the application did solve my problem.

Curiously, I didn’t know there was a limit to the number of existing Wi-Fi connections.



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