Why would the charging module fail?

So, my daughter’s FP3 would not charge any more. I switched its charging port with our spare FP3 (gosh, so many screws!), and everything worked again. :+1:t2:

So now, I have a seemingly malfunctioning charging port. And I wonder what could be the cause of its failure? What can i check? Is there any possibility to repair it?


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Debris, mechanical stress, clumsiness :wink:. There are a lot of possibilities, why a USB-C Port might fail.


You can check if dust and tiny hairs might have accumulated at the ground of the port (use a really thin pin). On my old FP1U, I actually pulled out a small “carpet” of that stuff once. But as Incanus suggested, it could be other factors as well.

Sticking the charger into the plug somehow keeps reminding me of how thieves break open doors with a pry bar. Keeping using the phone while charging might contribute to it as well. I’m not suggesting you used excessive force, just saying that the plug-into-port construction is prone to unfavourable physical angles and wear.


The bottom module contains the USB C port which as mentioned can be damaged and malfunction due to debris and contact tarnishing.

The module can be disassembled and you can better see if it is damaged or dirty etc.
CAVEAT: Disassembling the bottom module will void any warranty

However the actual charging electronics (chips) are on the main board which is not a user replaceable part.

If you have no improvement by cleaning you may find a fairphone angel near you that has a spare bottom module that you can try.

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That’s also my opinion. These things break too easily! (either on Fairphones or on other brands - the difference is that on the other brand the only solution was to… pay for a repair about 1.5 x the price of the phone! I love my Fairphone :slight_smile: )

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Thank you. Actually, I had already spotted your interesting post. I might try and open, clean, and reclose it to see if it works.

As I said before, I do have a spare phone, so thanks for the suggestion of a fairphone angel, but his kind services will not be necessary.

On the other hand, I do need a spare bottom module now (I have few hopes of reviving the malfunctioning one). The official ones are pricey. Fond no one on ebay. Any idea on a place where you can find second-hand modules?

A Fairphone angel may well have a second hand module, so where are you?

I note the bottom module @ €19.5 is out of stock :slight_smile:


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