Why is wireless charging not included in FP4

Further to Incanus’s note: there are magnetic options for those three connectors and Fair trade as well :slight_smile:

1 cable 3 connectors


A small contribution from my side (and not to pour gasoline on fire, it is just coming from my own 2-weeks experience). I am also adding two pictures of the phone and the case with the Qi-receiver in-between to show how it looks like after my small modification on the protective case:

I have been using the Nillkin Qi-receiver since 2 weeks. Instead of placing it INSIDE the phone (thus under the backcover), I placed it between the phone and the protective case, after removing the sticker and double-sided tape on the receiver to make it as thin as possible. Subsequently I made small cuts and removed a small piece from the bottom rear side of the USB-c opening of the protective case so that the cable can move freely and the plug can be (almost) easily plugged and unplugged whenever it is necessary (for example when you don;t have any wireless charger around and have to use a cable to charge your phone). The bulge on the back side of the protective case gives me some discomfort of course, but it is not 'unbearable’so to say. It is barely visible from distances >50cm if you don’t look very carefully; and it doesn’t feel spongy or unstable in your hand when you hold the phone. The plug is level with the protective case so it does not hit anywhere when the botom of the phone touches a surface. And the most important finding for me is: The charging temperature during a charging cycle (normal charging, not slow charging) from +/-60% to +/- 85% has been 28 grades celcius max. while it is between 35 and 40 celcius during the cable charging(normal or quick charge, with or without original Fairphone cable) in the same ambient temperature.

I think this could be a viable solution for the majority of the wireless charging supporters who wants to have a FP. It might be also applicable for the FP4 and its soft protective case.


This looks great. You can also print a custom case to eliminate the bulge:

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Well yeah, I might have exaggerated a bit. But not as much as you might think, just do the math: imagine 4 charging points in the house (this is a 4 person household) and 1 in the car and you will have to accomodate 3 charging systems instead of one. It will be a lot messier and it will be 5 x 3 instead of 5 x 1. Then, there is also a smart watch around…

Really??? If you all charge at different times you will need only one charger and one cable.

If you all charge at the same time you will need four charging points and four modified phones ~ surely ??

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Well, partially I grant you a point here, at least one of us just needs a lightning cable at the moment.
But I myself for example have a USB C phone, a Micro USB tablet and a smartwatch. And they all charge on the same wireless station. And in the car. My wife has a phone that uses micro-USB and can use the same car-dash-mount which integrates QI charging. Plus it is more secure not to have to fiddle with plugs and wires in a car cockpit.

Four people using one charging point and aligning their charging intervals so that they do not conflict as you imagine is just not practically feasible. In reality everyone has one for their devices and phones all charge overnight. It just has proven to be a lot less hassle not to have to think about what to change when new devices come around, as long as they support QI. In fact I have integrated one pad into a kitchen sideboard already for more than 2 yrs and it is not just very practical but also a lot cleaner than two or three wall warts with a bunch of cables dangling out of it.

I will gladly try it as soon as it is available through normal retail. I have lost my money on 3 out of 4 indiegogo purchases, so for me personally that site is no longer an option to be taken seriously any more.

That is the best reason :slight_smile: And Indiegogo ?? Yes it’s a gamble, I’m just hoping that as some former Fairphone employees are at the core it is going to work :sweat_smile:

But one option will be at the modularity of the Fairphone.
Hopefully, like at PinePhone, there will be later the possibility replace the standard back cover by one with Qi integrated. The main problem may be the missing power lines, but according to my feeling it will be possible to find a solution.

Did someone already #contactsupport? Because that’s where the answer lies to this discussion.

The official Statement is linked above

Yes, all readers know this, I would assume.

But do you (not personally, I mean Fairphone Sales and Marketing Managers) still verify your decision? I hope, so listening on the customers and verify the decisions is according my experience the grant of a stable future.

This is a user forum. It seems as though you may think you are communicating with someone in Fairphone ??

Sorry, but I can’t find it. Could you please link to the comment?

A quick check through the above 90+ posts and I didn’t find it either :slight_smile:

I think you will find the explanation in one of the official Fairphone videos.

Pretty sure I remember it but I’m not about to trawl through all of those for you :rofl:

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I know, but the task of a sales or product manager in our company is to know the customers. The own forum, you should at least review.

But if you have a better idea? Should all which prefer a Qi Charging feature send an email? Or should we vote the Fairphone in all reviews bad? I know smartphone suppliers which “listen” to their customers and looks on negative votes, forums about issues and many more.

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You say you know this is only a user forum but then say the above.

‘you’ ‘should’

Well the you isn’t me, reading this nor Fairphone who are not reading this and for the ‘should’ I imagine overall you mean you would like Fairphone to implement wireless changer and hope this topic will persuade them maybe.

But alas the better idea is to contact Fairphone, yet as aforementioned this has been done and they have explained :frowning:

Thanks, seems like a valid point they make.

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The fault in this decision ist, that their Goal should be to attract a maximum of customers to get a signifikant Market Share, so that their environmental USP get’s relevant even to competitors. And then that leads probably to a Change of Habbits in the Market.
To include a cheap and easy Feature Like Qi charging (yes the principes behind it are the Most simple Thing of electronics, used in every Transformator), that Most competitors don’t include or only in their Most expensive Models, would have driven a significant amount of customers to them.
BTW Palm was the First who brought Wireless charging to Smartphones in 2008/2009 with the Palm Pre and also via an alternative Back for it’s case, and back then batteries we’re Always removeable.
Just my 2ct.
PS For me, Not having Qi ist a dealbreaker. And did I get this right? They also don’t have a flashlight LED?!? Why include a camera at all then ?!?