Fairphone 4 case & Alternatives

How flush does that sit? My issue with most I’ve tried is that they either bend apart or don’t come around the screen properly.

Then again I just got the official case and even that doesn’t fit well, it sits too loose and hence creaks constantly. Plus calling it “chunky” is quite the understatement. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not perfect near power button, but apart from that sits perfectly && you have to put some force to take it off. I can intentionally make it to produce creaking noises, but that does not happen in daily use. Sources are posted (not only for my case I think), you could adjust tolerances as you wish.

I tried it, fits really well! Did you intentionally not add anything for the volume buttons?

Yes. They are perfectly usable as is.

Still no sign of the case from pc21 their website says something like 10 days until they have stock but I’m in no rush in the meantime for those in the UK the official BT shop has the grey and green case in stock for £24.99 + £3.49 postage so I’ve just grabbed a green one as well

Grey Case - https://shop.bt.com/products/fairphone-4-protective-case-grey-f4case-1dg-ww1-GNVC.html?q=Fairphone%204

Green Case - https://shop.bt.com/products/fairphone-4-protective-case-green-f4case-1gr-wht-GNVD.html?q=Fairphone%204

Hi, thanks for enhancing paperpilot’s already nice design!
I am about to build a modified version that integrates a QI charging pad, which enables the Fairphone4 to charge wirelessly. First beta design can be found here, keeping you posted!


I have made a slim rigid bumper for Fairphone 4 that is easy to print, no support, good thermal efficiency:


Does it fit this phone?

Which phone does it originate from?

I’m really looking for something that has bumpers on the corners.

His looks about it Bumper Siliconen Case Voor Fairphone 3 4 Rubber Mobiele Telefoon Soft Frame Cover Voor Gigaset GS290 Universele Case|Phone Case & Covers| - AliExpress, but I don’t trust it from falling out.

And a hardened clear back would be great to show of the speckled fairphone as a conversation-starter.
Maybe something like this: Voor Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Case ,Xundd Bumper Case Airbag Schokbestendig Shell, lens Volledige Bescherming Terug Transparant Telefoon Cover| | - AliExpress ?

It’s for a Xiaomi Mi 11 - the camera cutout aligns perfectly, that’s what matters.

I’d say the fit matters more?
Making a cutout is simpler than making it snug?

Or how do you make it fit?

Nah I just bought it like that, ripped out the rubber/plastic holder for the phone and stuck the Fairphone holder in with double sided tape. No other modding required. The holder needs to be placed as far to the edge as possible for the optimal result.

Having to cut through the case would be messy with an aesthetically unpleasing result. The material is tough and would start to deteriorate along damaged edges - I don’t recommend it.

There are likely cases for other phone models with proper sizes and camera positions. In some earlier post I mentioned the site I used to find a comparable match. Think it was gsmarena and versus dot com.


This looks and feels even better than I thought it would. The only minor issue is that the hole for the side microphone should be about 0.5mm higher than it is. Currently it is not completely centered. (Unfortunately, I did not manage to take a decent picture of this.) But it’s nothing a hand file wouldn’t fix. Thank you very much for the model! :slight_smile:


I just got the official Fairphone 4 cover but it feels much too slippery/smooth when I hold it. I think I might be more likely to drop my FP4 if I’m using the official cover than with no cover.

Has anyone found a cover that’s made out of a “stickier” material like silicone?

I wanted a leather flip case, so took your advice and bought this. Olixar Genuine Leather Xiaomi Mi 11 Wallet Case - Black It works very well, as you described in an earlier post, with double sided tape.


I find the aluminum sides of the FP slippery, the official plastic case does a nice job IMHO. I would’ve preferred a Spigen case though. But they don’t make any for FP.

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Maybe these will suit some, not the hand bag, scroll down :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! I’m currently printing it!

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I received my red vegan flip case for my one month old FP4 from Anna Treurniet last week and am very happy :slight_smile: It feels sturdy and fits well.

Possible downside is it uses a sticky plastic sheet to attach to the back of my phone. This does mean I have to live with it as a semi-permanent fixture. However, a solution to temporarily remove it is to buy a new back cover for my phone and swap back covers, leaving my Anna Treurniet flip case permanently attached to the old back cover.

Good news is, if or when it does come unstuck, I understand they sell new sticky plastic sheets.