Why include headphones?

I just received my Fairphone3 and I’m really happy with it.
But I wonder, why include headphones ?
Fairphone chose not to include a charger because most people already had one, so why include headphones ?
Plus, the included headphones are really crappy, with overpowered base and horrible cable noise, I’m never gonna use them.
Thankfully, the headphone jack output seems clean and powerful.

What are your thoughts ?

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I assume you got your Fairphone 3 in France? We discussed this a few weeks or months ago, and someone said that for many years, French law actually demands that phones be delivered with earphones/headsets – in order to reduce radiation exposure of the user.


Yes I got my Fairphone in France.
Ok I understand now.
Thanks for your reply !
Still sad that the quality of the headphones is so bad that I wont be using them.


Please offer them in the #market then. :slight_smile:


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