Why do I have most of my contacts 3 times

I don’t understand why I have triple duplicates of my contacs even when I only have the phone memory in use. What am I doing wrong?

Probably you have also contacts on your simcard.
Go to the app 'People’
Tap far left below on your phone
Tap on 'Contacts to display’
Unmark the lists you don’t want to see.


Hi Lidwien, thanks for the suggestion, that is the one thing I have been able to do with my limited knowledge, so at present I only have the phone selected from my contact options and the contacts are still there 3 times??

Do all the contacts have the same color in the icon? If so then it looks like you may have copied your contacts 3 times.
On which list are your contacts, on your Sim, on your phone or some other list?

I have got kind of the same problem:
When i make a search in the phone app i get two hits.
When i make the same search in people app i get one hit.

I have set the phone app to only show the google contacts even if there are no contacts stored on the sims or on the phone (I have set phone app to use these sources and they show empty. All history is also deleted. When i look at the numbers associated with my search result in people app they have the land prefixes. This result can be found in phone app too but the other one is without prefix. I wonder where that one comes from - cant remember dialing it.

Edit: I know now where the extra hits comes from - its from the google contacts - those who has been automatically saved. No idea why since i checked the lists i want to sync. This one seems to be default (and full of crap!).


google contacts can be creepy. While I used it some time ago my “real” hand made Contact became mixed up with (virtual) google+ contacts (like this). So I got entry’s of news Pages I followed etc.

I found a way to hande it (but can’t remember it anymore) but it took a while. These days I use my own Carddav server and simply don’t sync any google contacts to my phone and have no problems anymore ;).

Maybe your problem is related to google+, too.


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Hi Shiny, thanks for the reply.
This doesn’t surprise me and I think you have the answer. What drives me mad about most things to do with computers and other tech is the unexpected consequences and all the stuff programs and apps do that they don’t tell you about - but I am biased as I dislike Google more than I dislike Apple! I need somewhere else to store my contacts. I’m not very techie so is there a way I can save my phone contacts to my PC or an apple device without getting myself stuck in something which won’t swap from one to the other? I think it’s time for some internet trawling uh oh

Perhaps you can use a program like this: MyPhoneExplorer
It do not use it, but I know people use it since 10 years or so (even with the old phones).

You should delete your contacts which are more than 1 times

Contacts optimizer did som magic on my contacts yesterday - its free (still for a couple of days they say).

Another App that works great and is free: Simpler contacts https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simpler.contacts.

A problem may be usying MyPhoneExplorer:
Some contacs are createt as phone contacts, and after the synchronisation with the google account they are duplicated as google contacts.
More duplicates were generated from differrent instant messengers, p. e. WhatsApp…
Simpler Contacts merges all these contacts and deletes dupicates, the deletetd contacs are backupped in a vcf file.

Hope that helps.
Best regards from Switzerlland

No, no, no, don’t delete double entries! It’s probably because you use one or more apps which have their own contacts list - like WhatsApp or Facebook. You need these entries to use these apps!

What you should do is merge those contacts, so you have all information in one entry:

  • Open one of the double contacts
  • Touch the settings button (down left)
  • Touch “Edit”
  • Touch the settings button again
  • Touch “Merge”* (I guess it’s “Merge” in English - on my German phone it says “Zusammenführen”)
  • Select the corresponding contact entry from the list

Repeat with every double contact. It’s a little bit annoying, but once you’re done you have a nice an clear contacts list without any important stuff deleted.

EDIT: No, it isn’t “Merge” as Malene points out below. It’s “Join”! :smile:


Thanks mgkoeln, this worked perfectly and can be used on more than double entries as you can keep selecting Join (the English option is called Join) until ALL replicated entries are joined into one.

Cheers, Malane.


“Simpler” war ein super Tipp zum Aufräumen eines chaotischen Adressbuchs mit x Duplikaten. Danke für den Hinweis!