Why do I get the error fairphone IOS app is not available in my region

Why do I get the error fairphone IOS app is not available in my region ( I am from the Netherlands)? I am able to install the Android App with no issues?

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If you mean the Fairbuds app: After a first report of a serious issue with the latest Fairbuds firmware update, Fairphone reacted by withdrawing the Fairbuds app temporily. If you do mean the Fairbuds app, please follow up here:

Is it safe to update to the latest firmware version via Android I see that that the IOS has been pulled?

Hi Taw,

We are actually currently waiting for an app update that temporarily removes the firmware update functionality. I would like to advise against trying to update your Fairbuds’ firmware for now until we get to the bottom of this issue that some people seem to be having. I wouldn’t want you to risk getting stuck with bricked earbuds.


I have patience, I will stick them in the draw until it is available as they are meant to be a longer term investment for me as they have replaceable batteries which is the idea compared to all the other Bluetooth headsets that I have that don’t have.

Hi Taw,

You don’t need to stick them in a drawer, the Fairbuds are perfectly usable right out of the box. We will provide improvements via firmware updates via the app over time, but rest-assured, we would of course not release a product that needs a mandatory update before it can be used. So, I would still recommend you enjoy them (without using the app for now). :slight_smile:


Bought the fairbuds and noticed too that there us no app.

  1. am I right that without the app you cannot control ANC?

  2. how do I know if the app is available again?

You can control ANC by long pressing on one earbud, and the app will be available soonish since they found the issue


Oke, I will try that when I am at home, I thought long press was voice command.

Honestly I still haven’t gotten the hang of all the different taps, but if you’re curious it’s in the manual I’m pretty sure

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Yes correct, I didn’t read it well. there is a difference in left and right long press. Thank you

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Tested the Fairbuds today in comparison to my Bose active noise cancelling headphones. The ANC is barely noticeable, the same when I rode my motorcycle today. Is the ANC level customizable in the app? Ergo, can I increase the ANC levels? I don’t have acces tot the app so I cannot try it for myself and if this is the maximum ANC level, I have to return it in 14 days.

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From the Andorid App there seems no way to increase the ANC level.