Why can't I set my shipping options to America for the fairphone 4?

When I try to pre-order a fairphone 4 united states is not an option for shipping location

Unfortunately Fairphone only sells to Europe.
You might try with one of the #resellers. Some ship worldwide. But keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed to work in US with all providers because of possible different used frequencies.


Official reference:

It might also be helpful for you to get in touch with other Fairphone-interested people in the USA:


That’s unfortunate why not cut out the middle man and make it available to ship to the states with the disclaimer that the warranty won’t apply and its not gaurenteed to work with every carrier its only an inconvenience but still you could make a little extra money, I could save some and get my phone faster and likely with better shipping and handling than usps, thanks anyway though

This forum is a user forum and also the moderators are not part of the company. To address the company itself please #contactsupport .

There are more reasons for currently not selling to US (see the official statement above), but it’s planned for the future (without an ETA given).