Whole screen goes static

Last night my phone 's screen went full static.
After multiple restrat there was no change.
Then it worked again with no explaination.
My phone is 4 years old, with screen protection.
Does this mean I should get a new screen ?

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You might want to elaborate the “symptoms” a bit as I think “static” might not be self-explanatory to everyone. Ghost touches? Weird colours? Lines on the screen?

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Yes you’re right.
The screen is totally made of black and white pixel only. And they are not moving at all.
And I cannot interact with the screen.
But on startup the luminosity is very bright, and gets dimmer after the logo.
And I can see the change of luminosity with the “static”. So It may function fine but it just cannot display anything.

I would first check if there are any visible gaps between the display module and the body of the phone on the slim sides of the phone. If that is the case, gently press both together, you might hear a slight “click” when the gap is closed (see the comments in black in Step 9 in the linked instructions at the bottom of this reply).

If that’s not enough to fix the contact between display and core module, you might want to fully remove the display module and then re-assemble the whole thing. My personal experience is that often the screen fully functions again even if just the plastic clamps are all properly snapped into place (and no screws yet) which is helpful if you need to re-remove the display again to test (no need to instantly screw all 13 screws back into place). See these instructions:


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It appears that @urs_lesse has provided the initial focus on whether the screen is attached well enough. Hopefully that will be enough.

By the way the FP3 was first launched in Sept 2019 so is 2 years and 8 months old at max (If you were one to buy it that early) :slight_smile:

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This worked for me two years ago with this “static noise” :grin:

Does the static still occur when the back cover is removed? I only ask as I got a fair amount of static plus a white spot on my screen due the battery becoming bloated. It was pressing on the back of the screen you see. This probably isn’t the reason but something to check if only to rule it out, Is your battery still structurally flat?

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I took the battery out and it was not bloated. But thanks for the tip.

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