✏ Who is active in other online communities?

This is a wiki post, everyone can add their information by clicking the green pencil.

If you are active in another online community and can act as a connector, please add your Fairphone Forum @username + the address to the other community and your username there, to the list.

Discourse Forum


What’s that? See Wikipedia article.

Fairmondo Forum

  • @ace28 (ace28; I want to promote contact between Fairphone and Fairmondo. Simply because I think that their goals are matching so well, that they should work together.)



A list of active Fairphone employees on Twitter can be found here


For offline Fairphone communities please click here.

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How do you define “active”? I’ve got accounts on several services, including XDA-devs, StackOverflow, twitter, and so on - but usually, I keep my accounts separate. For XDA-devs, Discourse and twitter, I would not have a real problem to put my handles here.

However, I gave StackOverflow as an example above because I use it for professional communication - and while I would use the account also to be active in another StackExchange community and do some Fairphone-related research there, I would not like to have my handle mentioned here. :wink: These :lips: are sealed… :no_mouth:

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I would not define it as “I created an account once and never came back” (I have a github account, e.g., but I only posted there twice (will do again if another problem arises), but do not follow any discussion there, which is not related to a bug I experienced).

I see that @ace28 is active at the Fairmondo Forum (participating in the discussion) and I believe @madde and @ralf_xda are activate at xda-devs, am I right?

Bottom line: I see active as “checking for updates at least once a week and not only for having a personal problem solved”.

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I believe that @madde is also active on the Fairphone Forum. Am I right?

Would you mind adding your accounts above?

Who else is active on Twitter? Add your name to the Wikipost above! :slight_smile: CC @jftr

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@humorkritik, your xda-dev link was blank. I’ve filled in one which I think might be correct. Please check!

I only added my Twitter handle since that’s the only one which I can think of being relevant and me being active on that platform (following the above definition).

Stackoverflow/Stackexchange/etc and Google+ might also be worth listing here.

You can add other online communities here. Those four above are not the only ones! :wink:

(I’m a month late, bu still: thanks, @jftr, for fixing the link.

I’m tweeting from a new account now: :slight_smile:


Tweeting about the #WeAreFairphone community. | This is a community account. Find official news at @Fairphone. | Tweets by @StefaBrand (^st)

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Let’s revive this :wink:

I’m on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ingo_FP_Angel

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