White/blank screen due to software

A family member’s FP4 has a strange white screen issue.
Sometimes (about once a week), the screen of the FP4 goes completely blank/white. This is due to software and not to hardware, as the navigation pill and the volume slider are visible on the screen, but tapping on the screen, locking/unlocking doesn’t help. The only way I found to get out of this white screen is to use the double click on power button to open camera (then camera opens and bug disappears).
This seems to happens when the app Transistor is in use (though it might be a coincidence, it’s on very often). Also, it started after the phone fell on a corner a few weeks ago (without any visible damage), but I don’t see how it could be related… And I don’t remember any updates were made on it.

Does anyone here experience it as well? Or have an idea what this is about?


Hi Alex,
Your post, including using the camera app to work around, reminded me of this one:

See the solution (doze_always_on). Others did a factory reset which of course would have the same effect, along with a lot of others … :wink:

I suppose there could be a link with the use of Transistor which presumably needs to prevent sleep while allowing screen to turn off. There may be a bug behind this that might be exposed with a bit of work.


Have your dismantelt it already? After a fall I would check that nothing is loose.

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Very interesting read thanks! Seems to be related and I’ll see if it solves my problem.

Will do, but I doubt it helps.

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