Which usb-c dock for FairPhone4?

One of my “dreams” since I bought a FairPhone2 is to use it as a desktop computer.

It seems this can come true using a usb-c dock with FairPhone4.

As I am new to this, which one would you, readers of this post, recommend ?

I think we’ll have to wait a little longer. The device is too new. There are none on the market yet

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Shouldn’t that be irrelevant? I assume that there is a standard that the FP4 implements and you just need to find a dock that supports that standard.


I believe it has to do with the OS supporting desktop mode. I’ve been using Dex desktop mode on my Galaxy S10 with a j5Create USB-C dock as well as the Nexdock 360 lapdock. Once /e/OS or Ubuntu Touch, etc. are ready for the FP4 you should be able to use their desktop modes. I just received my FP4 yesterday and can’t wait for this too.

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Thanks for your answer.

I believe that (experimental) desktop mode is available with default OS of FairPhone4 (Android 11).

I was going to try this USB-C dock but item was lost during shipment ! :sob:

Nexdock 360 lapdock or j5Create seems “too big” for me (although they seem really convenient ! :wink: ).

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Hi, I don’t have my Fairphone 4 yet (Soon hopefully!) but I do have a couple of USC-C docks; one Surface travel dock and one generic chinese one. I’m also interested to see if the Desktop Mode is available so I’ll test these and report back.


So far two USB-C docks I’ve tried have worked correctly. The built in Android 10 Desktop Mode does work after enabling it from the developer menu. At the moment its a bit of a mixed experience as some apps still only load up on the phone screen.


FYI, I finally go my USB-C dock and could give it a try:

I must say it fullfills all my expectations ! :smiley:


I finally got around to enabling Force Desktop Mode and Floating Windows on the FP4 and connecting it to the NexDock 360. It works a lot like Samsung Dex.
I’m able to resize windows, and use the DuckDuckGo browser, Simple Calendar & K-9Mail like desktop apps. I’ll test more apps and other USB-C/HDMI docks and report back.


A mobile phone is no desktop computer replacement. The hardware is simply optimized for a different use case. It might work as proof of concept, but that’s about it. I would not waste time and money with this.

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This is oversimplified. In fact, a lot depends on what you’re actually doing on a PC. Do you need some kind of specialized software? Well, yeah, you’re out of luck. Do you just browse the web, watch videos and use some kind of office suite? I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work. The hardware is more than capable.


very clear veto.
I know several people who do this and are completely satisfied with it.
Not every user needs the power of a desktop computer.
Many do not do more on the PC than on the smartphone itself.

Therefore, it’s daring to talk about a “proof of concept”.

That may well be the case in your use case, but, as I said, many see it differently. :wink:

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