Which usb-c dock for FairPhone4?

One of my “dreams” since I bought a FairPhone2 is to use it as a desktop computer.

It seems this can come true using a usb-c dock with FairPhone4.

As I am new to this, which one would you, readers of this post, recommend ?

I think we’ll have to wait a little longer. The device is too new. There are none on the market yet

Shouldn’t that be irrelevant? I assume that there is a standard that the FP4 implements and you just need to find a dock that supports that standard.


I believe it has to do with the OS supporting desktop mode. I’ve been using Dex desktop mode on my Galaxy S10 with a j5Create USB-C dock as well as the Nexdock 360 lapdock. Once /e/OS or Ubuntu Touch, etc. are ready for the FP4 you should be able to use their desktop modes. I just received my FP4 yesterday and can’t wait for this too.

Thanks for your answer.

I believe that (experimental) desktop mode is available with default OS of FairPhone4 (Android 11).

I was going to try this USB-C dock but item was lost during shipment ! :sob:

Nexdock 360 lapdock or j5Create seems “too big” for me (although they seem really convenient ! :wink: ).

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Hi, I don’t have my Fairphone 4 yet (Soon hopefully!) but I do have a couple of USC-C docks; one Surface travel dock and one generic chinese one. I’m also interested to see if the Desktop Mode is available so I’ll test these and report back.