Which OS to install in an old FP2 before giving it to a non-tech person

It depends on what TWRP has access to in the moment you take the screenshot.

Under normal circumstances there will be a Pictures or Screenshots folder (can’t have a look right now) with the screenshots in the selected Storage.

But during e.g. an initial boot of a freshly installed TWRP, when TWRP doesn’t know its Storage yet, I’ve seen it put screenshots in its own root directory (or similar, can’t have a look right now).

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About bank account management, I guess he could always do it on a classic web browsing app, am I right?


Whatever OS you choose I might have picked up a second FP2 to clone (should be plenty on market now FP3 imminent), so that you could always send your father a working example at short notice. With regards to banking more require two factor authentication so was concerned when you mentioned possible SMS issues. As regards Yahoo Mail whilst no problems setting up on PC seem to remember being pushed towards dedicated app. on mobile as otherwise wouldn’t authenticate but maybe wrong.

Yes. However, my not-much-informed impression is that banking apps are more secure than banking websites in the browser, because apps can work as an additional authentication factor themselves, do certificate pinning and other things a browser cannot do. Browsers with add-ons, misspelled URLs for phishing etc. are a minefield.

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I suggest you e.OS; for a non tech guy but interested in privacy, it’s the best you will get.
The rom himself is fantastic; has no google inside but it is based on Lineage OS, so stable.
Take a look at https://e.foundation


One of first FP2 bugs reported not surprisingly is reboots when power off so assume “flashlight on” trick required?

Yes. It was actually someone in the /e/ community who came up with this workaround first.

Edit: /e/ is a fork with changes to the LOS base so I’d assume they could “simply” backport the fix for LOS 15.1 to their 14.1 base?!

Well, I am still on Android 6 (build 18.04.1) and I am absolutely happy (running smooth and flawless).
Sure, it is not the actual one an security patches are way outdated (February 2018), but I do not face any of the bugs that can come with Android 7.
And if someone is a non-techie, I really would rule out each and every OS, that has to do with twrp, as I think that tinkering with this stuff is really for the unafraid and technic-loving people. This is based tbh just on all the descriptions in this forum, that even turned me away from trying FPOOS or Lineage.
I just want a phone I can use. And as I personally limit the usage mostly to calling, SMS and WLan when at home, I take the risk of an outdated OS over taking on bugs every once in a while.

Eventhough that bug exists it is still the best rom for privacy oriented users not that tech; with that rom you have all the big apps plus DNS changer, OpenKeyChain and microG to keep you out of Google environment, anf with a nice looking aspect.
With Sailfish you are out of Google as well, but it is painfull to use without the apps you are used to, like banking, parking, etc; but that is what I’m using in my FP2.

A Quinta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2019, aspergerguy via Fairphone Community Forum escreveu:

As much as I agree to the google part.
Users “not that tech” will be lost by your reasoning, when you start talking about OpenKeyChain, microG and DNS changer.
Everyone “not that tech” will have to get a book (figuratively speaking of course) to learn what that means.
I really don’t know about @Antoine’s father, but if he has to explain Android to start with, maybe the out of the box-thing might work best; even if it is Google-infested.

I just would never ever do banking with my phone, no matter what app. Might be, that this is safer than doing it on the stationary computer; still, won’t trust a phone app to do it.


I’ve discussed it with my father and he’s OK with Google’s infested FPOS, he doesn’t care -he’s already tracked on his PC anyway- and Android 7 will be enough for him. I was curious about the fact than Lineage OS or maybe the Google-free FPOOS might have a better battery management, with Google not draining the battery to know where my father is, but I think it’s more the frequently overheating processor and -sadly- its huge lack of optimization with such a small battery like the one on the FP2, that might be the main problem… I say this because I can see the HUGE difference with my FP3 now, where the battery lasts easily a day and a half where on my FP2 it was barely lasting half a day in normal use, and so from the beginning, despite a few hard resets and three different core modules… Thankfully my father won’t use the Internet on the FP2 as much as I do…

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I am still on Android 6 and use my phone mainly for calling, SMS and playing Sudoku.
The battery is still the first one, I have a first batch phone, and it lasts up to more than 2 days.

Whenever I used the FP2, FPOS was by far the worst battery drainer (and I never even logged in into any Google things).


Makes me wonder if there are differences in the phone hardware or the batteries? I never had such troubles at all.

You don’t seem to use mobile internet much, according to your previous comment.

Yeah, not on the phone that is.
Way to inconvenient for me with that tiny screen.

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I would still recomend /e/ because of battery usage and when someone is new to the world of smartphones he will not miss any of the Google Apps. And I had a lot more issues with FPOS than with /e/. You don’t have to do any tinkering it works realy well without it.

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I believe FPOS was the right choice. And with all need to keep pressuring Google and Apple and all others on privacy issues, I do not believe infestation is right term. Fairphone delivers Google’s service on purpose and for the reason that they offer benefits for users, like having an app store, locating or deleting your device when lost or stolen, a good navigation app that even includes public transportation… I like this forum but I would like it even more if we agreed to tone down our language a bit.


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