Can LOS and /e/ be updated without going through TWRP?

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I’m exhuming this topic as I’d have a few questions regarding OS update process using either LOS or /e/. I’d like to use either OS, with --if possible-- regular OS updates, stability and ease of use.

Can both OSes be updated without going through TWRP?
Are OS updates similarly stable for both OSes? I’m under the impression that /e/'s versions would be more so but it’s not really clear for me.

I installed LOS back in October as I wasn’t using my FP2 but I’m starting to use it again. I’d like to have updates and I found the initial installation process a bit tedious. I’d like to avoid having to do it regularly.


P.S.: and actually I had not considered FPOOS. Is it as degoogled as LOS and /e/? How’s the updating process there?

With respect to /e/ and LineageOS updates utilise TWRP albeit with no further input from user required. Precise wording is “Note: This feature requires a compatible Recovery or updates will need to be installed manually”. Presumably you have already seen this resource?

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OK, looking for more info about the necessity of a compatible Recovery mode I’ve found an update guide for /e/!

I does seem manageable, even on a monthly basis.

I had not read the /e/ FP2 installation guide yet, but it looks a lot like the instructions I followed to install LOS.
Regarding /e/, the installation instructions mention:
Warning : Do not attempt to downgrade your smartphone in case you are on Android Q / LOS 17.0 or Android Pie / LOS 16.x.
… I do use LOS 16.0 so I suppose that sorts that out.

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