Which OpenGApps package should I select?

I want to use /e/ as an OS, but don’t trust the included app store with my banking data and would therefore like to install the Play Store on it, to install banking apps.

As far as I know, this should be possible through the OpenGApps Pico package. Is there a better way and which system architecture does the FP3 use?

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Hi Bruce,
you’ll find more information here: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP3 - and here: Download the LineageOS installation package that you would like to install or build the package yourself.

  • Optionally, download additional application packages such as Google Apps (use the arm64 architecture).

I won’t discuss the topic why one would chose an OS which tries to remove all Google-calls from Android (/e/) just to re-add the Google-calls.

But if for some reason you were going to do so, you could have a look at the /e/-forum. This thread is one year old ,so maybe things have changed, but maybe you could find your answer there https://community.e.foundation/t/e-gapps-is-it-working-dont-do-that/6454.

Or you could have a look at aurora store from f-droid, maybe you could install your apps that way. It provides access to the PlayStore, is open source and doesn’t rely on such dubious sources like the App store on /e/.


You can’t use OpenGApps on /e/ because there is already microG and it will conflict. Either just use Lineage or install Aurora Store from F-Droid to get Play Store apps.


Are you aware that your banking app perhaps won’t run under /e/, because it is a custom ROM without the official google certification? Running banking apps on custom ROMs most of the time doesn’t succeed.

Otherwise for play store apps I also recommend using Aurora Store.

Actually, most banking apps work okay on /e/OS on the Fairphone 3 at least because we can relock the bootloader which prevents many cases of root checks failing. I have both Rabobank and ING Bank running mostly fine (except for the QR code scanning not working).


Yes, but I honestly don’t trust neither Aurora nor the built in App Store enough to install my banking apps via them

I understand that you don’t trust /e/ App store which relies on a poorly documented third party repository (https://info.cleanapk.org/). That said, I think that, since the e.foundation advocates against mobile surveillance, it would be quite embarrassing and potentially fatal for the foundation to provide malicious applications.

Aurora store is a well known (https://gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/AuroraStore) alternative client for Google repositories which also allows you to check potentially known malicious trackers for each app you’ll install, based on the Exodus database.

In my opinion, the most trustworthy repository is F-droid because it is the only repository which builds all its apps from sources. Of course, most of the apps of the Google store won’t be available (since they are closed source) and the choice is narrowed (that said, I think that ~ half of my apps currently installed come from F-droid).

Anyway, if you want to use the official Google Play store (I strongly discourage installing it on /e/ because it might break the OS) you should install the pico variant of OpenGapps. The pico variant includes the bare bones functions in order to have a working Google store and services. It runs flawlessly on LineageOS.


Thanks :slight_smile: Have been considering LineageOS as well, but it doesn’t support the new camera modules yet (please correct me if I’m wrong). Do you know how much data Google collects if I just use the pico package?

Since Google Play Services are installed with every package, I think it won’t make a huge difference in terms of privacy. Here you can see the differences between all packages.

That’s right. But you wouldn’t have to wait that long if everything goes well:

I can highly recommend LOS with microG with Aurora Store if you want as less google services on your phone as possible but still be able to use apps from Play Store :smiley:
My banking apps are all working (even with Magisk) but there might be some banking apps that won’t work, though.
But I (or someone else) could of course check it for you if you consider to install LOS…


Nice didn’t know it should be done by Christmas :slight_smile:

I already checked it seems as if almost all of my apps should work fine. But otherwise I still have the option to switch back.

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Like @HolosericaCaligo said, bear in mind that even with the Pico package, almost all sensors-based data and your interactions with the phone (even not directly related to Google applications and services) will be sent to Google’s servers.

The installation of more comprehensive packages will make it easier for Google to collect your personal data (search history, videos, calendars, contact, emails, photos, etc.) by forcing you to use its own applications. I think that those packages will send to Google much more data but it’s difficult to measure the amount of data sent, since it also depends on how much you usually rely on Google services.

The e.foundation cited an interesting report about Google’s data collection. It is quite impressive.