Official LineageOS 17.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

This should be the proof for preservation of the user data. I’ll give it a try and report here later.

Additionally I just realised, that locking the bootloader, at least after installing the microG version, resets user data. (Did some useless reconfiguration again)…Anybody knows, if there is a better place to share this issues?

I have specifically registered to this forum to express my desire to see official LineageOS for microG support for Fairphones and of course especially the latest version (which is FP3+ at the time of this writing).

I think this would be something really beneficial Fairphone and the Fairphone community, because it is extremely cumbersome to find a new smartphone that is officially and well supported by LineageOS and LineageOS for microG right from the beginning. So far you always have to look for older phones or buy a phone and hope that LOS support will be added at some point.

Since we are using LineageOS for microG on our OnePlus (5 and 6) phones ever since, we just can not be without it anymore. There is just nothing else that makes any sense on a smartphone for us, ungoogled and magisked but still being able to use pretty much all software and the necessary “evil” like Google Cloud Messaging.

I will definitely keep an eye on Fairphone and consider it a viable option for our next smartphone purchases, once support for current LOS is established.

Welcome to the community forum.


  1. Does the FP3+ work with the same software as the FP3?
  2. Why is this still on LOS 16 when even the FP2 is already on LOS 17.1?

Concerning your questions:

  1. Yes - it will. As soon as the FP3+ is supported at all, you will have a common LineageOS build for both devices since the differences concern only a few supporting firmware files.
  2. I am working on 17.1 right now and hope to be done by Christmas. As to why the difference in implementation - the FP2 maintainer and I are working on these devices independently and I was late to join the party. :smile:

#2 is very interesting :wink:

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A christmas present! Even it will be available after christmas I will wait. I have the FP3+ and on the FP2 I had LOS 17.1. I’m used to it and I miss it.

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oh wow, that’s fantastic! :relaxed:
Can I buy you somehow a coffee?

I switched to LineageOS 16 with microG as soon as the build was available.
Today I’ll do the same with some other FP3’s from my family.
As there is AFAIK no complete guide available - from OEM unlocking to bootloader unlocking to installing TWRP/LOS-Recovery to installing LOS to optionally rooting LOS with Magisk - I’m thinking about to write a complete guide.
(Though there are guides available for the most parts of the whole procedure but you have to search for each guide one by one…)

There’s one bug (or missing feature) I observed:
With the original OS I was able to set a bluetooth device as active by tapping the specific device while it was connected to my phone. Thus I was able to switch from my bluetooth speakers to my bluetooth headphones.
Now, with LOS I observe following behaviour:
While connected to my bluetooth speakers and playing music, my FP3 connects automatically to my headphones as soon as they are powered on. But I don’t have a possibility to set my headphones as active. First, I have to disconnect my bluetooth speakers.
Then I either have to turn off bluetooth, then turning bluetooth on again and letting my FP3 connect to my bluetooth headphones, or I have to turn off my headphones and turning them on again to set them as active.

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There are incoming changes in 17.1 for Bluetooth audio, and hopefully that will be fixed. Hang on and let me know later if you still observe this bug.


As the LineageOS Bugtracker should not be used for feature requests :wink:
Would it be possible to add the patch for activating the various led colors?
I remember on LOS on the FP2 you could even override color and blinking frequency for every app.


Yes, we already have a patch for LED colors on the unofficial ROM. I will integrate it in 17.1.


thank you, I’ll take an eye on it!

There’s one other bug I observed: I encountered the same issue as with the original OS: I have to deactivate Enhanced 4G LTE Mode in order to see who’s calling me. Otherwise I see just “unknown number” as described in this thread.
This issue occurred on the original OS since the Android 10 upgrade but it never occurred with Android 9.
Am I the only one who has the same issue on LineageOS with 4G Enhanced LTE Mode?

(My provider is about to shut down his 2G network by the end of 2020 so I hope the bug can be resolved by then :grin:)

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I’m using enhanced 4G, and don’t have these effects. I see the caller id…

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Hello I have on other problem with the 4G LTE Mode. Sometimes ingoing or outgoing calls i dont hear someone. By the next call allrigth. When i switch of everything is fine. So i use it everytime off no problem.

As you wrote above, you migrated from unofficial LOS 16 to official LOS 16 and never had the official Android 10 OS on your phone, right?
I have no idea, but could there have been a firmware update within Android 10 that causes this issue, which is installed separately besides the /system, /recovery and /boot partitions? Similar to #modemfiles with FP2?

@HTC3 And you’re also running LineageOS 16 on your FP3?

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I do think that there was a firmware update. And no, i never used the official fpos 10 version. This might be the cause

Yes i LineageOS 16 migrade from unofficial to official but i had the same problem on LOS16 unofficial too …

Just out of curiosity: doesn’t website also build the images periodically? I think to remember I read something like weekly, but there is still only the image from Nov 12…

@mapfeld The Lineage OS for microg builds do not build automatically. They have to be initiated manually. This is done once a month as of now.