Which internet browser do you use?

I’m usually use the firefox browser, but i red it use lot of battery!?
So i wanted to know which you all use and what’s your experience about the battery if realy existing differrnces between.

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I use Dolphin, because it can Page Up/Down with Vol +/-, the most important feature for me.


Because it is OPEN and LIGHT.

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Firefox, because Mozilla Foundation respects user’s privacy and defends net neutrality.

Also Ninja who is free and can open (and charge) tabs in background (this miss me in Lightning and Firefox - Firefox can open tabs later, but load only when you open the app).

I use also LinkBubble, because it is convenient.


ditto, since Firefox is an energy vampire.

Thanks a lot for recommending Lightning. The difference of battery drain in comparison to Firefox is really huge. Right now I have only a pretty weak mobile internet connection and my screen is only readable on maximum brightness, so yesterday when I was reading a lot, I even emptied my 7500 mAh powerbank! Now, thanks to Lightning, it seems that I won’t even have to use it today :slightly_smiling:

Your report made me search for an Android browser test and I quickly found this one:

What’s most noticeable is that Firefox is the slowest browser in real-world-performance. Lightning places itself in the midfield. I’ve started using Lightning now and will report back, if I find anything worrisome.

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Well, i have been Firefox user for a long time, started with Phoenix 0.5 and still have it on my PC. But in the past years i am more an more looking for an alternative since it becomes more like a chrome colone, less customizeable, and more closed.

But anyhow, the performance of the mobile version is really bad, and never has truly satisfied me. Though i still haven’t found a favorite browser for my mobile devices.
For some activities i use Orweb (since its great in terms of anonymity), and for others i am testing now lightning, and so far its OK.

I also have Palemoon installed, which is a FF fork, but haven’t tested it yet enough.

After testing a few others, Naked Browser is my favorit choice on mobile devices.

[quote=“Stefan, post:7, topic:13438, full:true”]

I don’t agree: Just copy your favorit hosts file or block list into a file named .nbhosts.txt in your download folder and restart.

In my opinion their feature list is incomplete. It’s from Apr. 2015, maybe I got Naked Browser later, but I don’t think so:
Incognito mode: what does that mean? Blocking cookies, forget about visited sites? All can be done in the settings dialog. Ok, this is “manual and cumbersome” and proberbly not what can be called “Incognito mode”.
Flash support: I never tested it, but there is a Flash-update/install link on the default start page.

[quote=“phonearena.com”]And if you consider yourself a privacy nut? The clear choice is Naked Browser, if you
can stomach its abhorrent interface.[/quote]
Yes I am. The interface is fine for me.

[quote=“phonearena.com”]About as equally sensitive apps
like Lightning Browser and CM Browser ask for just a dozen or so
permissions, and are feature-rich and beautifully designed at the same
time – enough to pick our fancy and make us forget about Naked Browser.[/quote]
I’m german, maybe that’s why, but I don’t understand this sentence. Naked Browser does ask for the least permissions compared to the other tested browsers as shown in their diagram. Feature rich and privacy does not go well together imo.

Especially I like that Naked Browser can

  • easily fake to be a desktop browser
  • can use hosts file for (ad)blocking (naked browser resource blocking)
  • can be configured not to load images/run java script
  • can load images/run java script if wanted easily

It’s not open source! Too sad.

edit II:

Naked Browser can be configured to do that (It may be default).

If I access it with Lightning, the experience in the mobile version of the Fairphone Forum is difficult. It is indeed quite fast and it’s fun to have the page load in this speed. On the other hand it is not possible to mark text in the mobile version of Discourse (the Android handles disappear faster than I could grab them). Also the hamburger menu apparently isn’t a link to Lightning and you have to press it very carefully to hit it spot on, instead Lightning would select the notifications right from it or the search button on the left side.

I use this, does the same job as the Firefox extension.


Having read the recommendations here, I’m planning to give Lightning a try as well. Fortunately it’s on F-Droid (see @nohwann’s link above), but I would like to ask what this means for my FP1U:
“This version uses native code and is built for: armeabi armeabi-v7a mips x86” – will this Lightning download work with my FP1U?

Hi @urs_lesse why don´t you try to download from Github. There are 4 download sites option.

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I downloaded and installed it on my FP1. It starts without problems (only marking text doesn’t seem to work properly, I’ve had problems on focus.de too…).

Edit: Browsing the Fairphone Forum in lightning is aweful. I’ve stopped using Lightning and turned back to Firefox mobile.

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Thanks for your replies, my whole concern was about the “… is built for: armeabi armeabi-v7a mips x86” thing that keeps confusing me on f-droid. But well, when I can get it from the guy himself without any such confusion (I guess it’s just identical :blush: ), why look elsewhere. :slight_smile:

I actually expected a poll in the first post. I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t found one there.

I already use Firefox on the desktop because it’s very customizable with add-ons, settings and about:config. So I have also installed Firefox on my FP2 so I can use the Firefox Sync between all my Firefoxes. Also, with Firefox I am able to use user scripts on both desktop and mobile.

I have not tested if Firefox drains the battery than other browsers more quickly because I haven’t used any other browsers on my FP2.


I use Opera beta which I use also on my PC. When I log in, I get the bookmarks of my other devices as well. And what I also like is the feature of saving data traffic if you don’t have a good reception of mobile data.

I use opera too, great browser imo, but no clue how big the impact on my privacy is when i use it… Needs quite a bunch of permissions…

Hi Folks!
Just my two cents:
I just tried Lightning (4.0.3), and according to https://www.howsmyssl.com it uses TLS 1.0.
To me, that’s a reason not to use it…
(So I’ll stick to Mozillas Aurora, which is an awful lot bigger.)


The current Lightning release in F-Droid is 4.2.3a, using TLS 1.2