Which apps and Services can be disabled without causing problems?

Hello everybody,

I shall like knowing what are the useless services which launch automatically and which we can deactivate without risk :pensive:.
For example, I do not use either exexchange or email, I thus deactivated both services :slight_smile:.
Does exist a list of the useless services anywhere? :wink:

I also believed to notice that even in mode " root ", some services remain tipsy(tinted) and thus impossible to deactivate :disappointed_relieved:. Do I have to make call up to a typical " kingoroot " program to deactivate them?

Thank you for your help :relaxed:.

You can use any (root) backup app for that. They usually have an option to “freeze” an app —that’s the former term for disabling apps.

Otherwise, you don’t need any app if you know how to use the command line. Launch a terminal emulator on your phone or adb shell from your computer and run:

pm list packages
pm disable <app-id> # ej: pm disable com.android.browser

It may work sometimes without sudoing (root) before


Hello Roboe,

Thank you for your help.
Your command line is usefull… i record it quickly…

But my real question is which service made what on the phone? If i disable for example com.android.sharedstoragebackup, can the fp2 still works at well?
I remember for the windows system (XP, W7…), it exists some lits of all the possible service to disable without problem for the system. So, i guess maybe also exist same for fp2… It is a dream?

@Lintianfu I’d like to change the title of this topic to something more fitting, but before I do that I have a question:

Does “no google system” mean that you installed #software:fp-open? (If so I’ll move this topic in that category.

Btw, if you have FP Open installed and activated root in the developers options (which I gather you did) then installing kingroot similar apps has no (positive) effects.


Hello paulakreuzer “Refugees Welcome | Community Moderator”

Thank you for your answer. :grinning:

So, that means that fp2 is not really rooted with FP Open installed and activated root in the developers options…:cry:

best regard.

Yes it is, that’s what I meant. No need to install root anymore with a 3rd party app as the OS is already rooted.

FP Open is rooted, definitely. To adquire root permissions you need to check that option. After that, no root manager/superuser app will show up, but an option on the bottom of each app’s information screen will let you manage their permissions.

I think Disable Manager could assist you. This app lists apps that can be disabled.

Services I will disable

  • Dynamic wallpaper shit (com.android.wallpaper & com.android.wallpaper.* & com.android.galaxy4|noisefield|phasebeam)
  • Screen saver shit (com.android.dreams.basic & com.android.dreams.*)
  • Download manager (com.android.providers.downloads.ui, note the ui at the end)
  • One Time Init (com.android.onetimeinitializer). Well… it will only start once (at first boot), but.

Services I won’t advise to disable

Only in FP Open. FPOS has GMS and thus has Gobble proprietary replacements

  • Downloads provider (com.android.providers.downloads): downloads will broke. Just don’t disable this.
  • Any provider (com.android.providers.*): these apps are central storage points for contacts, calendar events, media (kind of a media registry), SMS, call logs, etc. Other apps rely on them.
  • System Webview (com.android.webview): this is the system web engine. Apps showing web content (HTML, CSS and JS) rely on it. Sometimes you won’t clearly differentiate when an app is showing native or web content, so don’t assume any app uses it just because no app shows you a webpage.
  • Qualcomm stuff. These are part of the proprietary BLOBs needed by the SoC (and network chip). Things will broke on different manners (unless you know exactly what you’re doing, which is quite difficult because they are not documented)

Interesting. I had Webview and Downloads Provider disabled for a long time and never noticed any issues.

I may be wrong, but Lightning, for example (or any other webview browser), should crash with your setup :question:

What I’m sure --because I’ve experienced it in first person-- is some apps will silently fail to download something just because the downloads provider is disabled. You may swear the app’s developer but it’s your fault.

P.S.: It’s also possible that the system uses the services anyway, even when they were disabled by the user, but that would be truly bad.


Maybe IceCatMobile just doesn’t rely on such services? I don’t think I tried another browser during that time.

Since I switched to Lineage OS I haven’t re-disabled (;)) those services, but I’ll test right now.

PS: Actually, yes Webview was disabled the whole time (I always disable it) and disabling the downloads manager doesn’t bother IceCat either.

IceCatMobile is a Firefox fork. Firefox uses their own web engine (Gecko for rendering and Spidermonkey for JavaScript parsing and execution) and their own downloads manager, so it doesn’t depend on those services, :thumbsup:

Yes, please, and report back. Lightning Browser, for example, can’t download anything with Downloads Provider disabled and fails silently. But it seems to surf the web just fine with System Webview disabled, 🤷

Uuuh, stop cyclic threading, please, hahaha. I said above that browsers with their own web engines and apps with their own download managers (Firefox-based ones, Chromium, Brave, etc) won’t fail.


Hello all, @Roboe

Very interesting topic,
I begin to understand how complicate it is. No real knowledge about the Androïd services, it is?

So, c’est la vie.
It is sure that if disable a wrong service, Android does n’t like it. So that mean that yet, only disable one by one and restart to test… I wish have hollidays to try it… :grinning:

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