Which app if I only want phone upside down

Can anybody tell me which app I should get to use the phone upside down in my carholder?
I just need this feature, no more. Please mention the exact name of the app.

Funny, I just read about the same issue form @lemarco here: Toughts about my new fairphone

Don’t know if there are any easier solutions (like a simple app specifically for this).


hey, I was just about to point this out. You were faster
 truly funny. :open_mouth:

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Thanks for pointing that out, although I read lemarco’s post I missed that part. I can confirm that it works, and will be an advantage e.g. when charging the phone while car mounted. Hitherto I’ve only used GravityBox to get rid of 2nd sim icon, but apparently there’s a lot more to explore :slight_smile:

@lemarco talks of the app exposed frame work with the gravity box module.
@kgha talks only of the app GravityBox, do you mean GB from clockmaker? So you don’t use the app exposed frame work?
thanks @Kris_S and @kgha
Is there an app just for using upside down?

Sorry for being unclear: GravityBox mentioned above is indeed a module within the xposed framework, so to run it you need to install first xposed, then GB. See http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-gravitybox-v3-1-4-tweak-box-android-t2316070

The GravityBox app in PlayStore (from clockmaker) seems to be something completely different.

If you search for ‘screen orientation’ apps, there are a lot of alternatives (stand alone apps), but I haven’t tested any of them!

Prompted by @kgha I looked up for an app to do just screen orientation and I think a nice solution for @Lidwien and anyone who only wants that, could be Set Orientation.

Although is on Google Play and would probably need to be sideloaded if you like me don’t use Google services, it is from the same guys that did this and is licenced Apache2 so maybe some day will get into F-Droid as well. Not bad for those who are concerned about software freedom.

Set Orientation wouldn’t work on the Fairphone.
The app Orientation Manager from Sachin Srivastava is working fine. Just rotating the screen in the position I want and nothing else.
Thanks for your help, now I can use the phone in my car, because the charging cable isn’t on top anymore.

Why wouldn’t it work on Fairphone?

I have tried it and it does work just fine.

@van After installation and starting the app Set Orientation I get a screen saying ‘Disabled’.

Oeps, now after trying again I understand that I have to tab on ‘Disabled’ to get other options.
And yes ‘Set Orientation’ looks beter than the app ‘Orientation Manager’ which places an icon on the screen you’re looking at.

Oh, I see how you got confused, good you sorted it out. :slight_smile: