My thoughts on the original fairphone case

Does anyone intend to order the original plastic case for the fairphone ?
If so, don’t buy it. After attaching it to the phone, it is not possible to plug in any connectors. The holes are not placed correctly and the material is too thick. Wy do they construct something senseless like this ?

Dear kdh,

you’re exaggerating slightly.

I’ve used the original case since I got my FP in January. It is definitely possible to plug in connectors, both micro USB and headphone. I seldom use a headphone, but I attach a USB cable at least every other day.

But you’re partly right - all connectors do not fit. In many cases this could be resolved if one trims the connector with a sharp knife, e.g. a hobby knife or a scalpel. Or trims the hole in the case.

And one may, of course, discuss whether the design with connectors on top and close to each other is the best.

I want people to know, that there might occur a problem connecting powercable or headphone when using this case. I have five usb-cables and nothing fits. So I am forced to buy an additional one and an additional headphone hoping that they will fit. This does not really correspond with the fundamental ideas of fairphone. By the way, i paid 28,- € incl. shipping and now start trimming the hole thing with a sharp knife ??
You can get cases for other smartphones for 5,- € or less and everything fits.
Yes, the design, with the powerconnector on top is indeed not the best idea. But in spite of this, i am very satisfied with the phone.

Yes, I can understand that you get a bit frustrated. I was forced to get myself a new cable (and FPs own charger) as well, since my old smartphone had a mini USB contact while the FP uses a micro (OK, there are adapters, but they are far too clumsy to fit the case - plus that a complete cable is often cheaper).

And there are 3rd party USB cables that fit without any trouble. Mine comes from Exibel, and I’m sure there are a lot more.

If the placement of the USB contact is a nuisance, e.g. when using it in your car as a GPS while charging at the same time, see this thread about allowing screen rotation all the way round: Which app if I only want phone upside down

Using the original case without problems here as well, but I’m lucky that my old HTC charger and headphones both have really small plugs.

I’ve updated the title of this topic slightly to reflect that this is your thoughts on the case. I think you’ll find that there are probably more satisfied customers than unsatisfied, so that needs to be considered to balance your views which of course you are entitled to. :smile:

My HTC cable fitted fine, and I’ve had no problems with headphone sockets but the sizes of the plugs do vary between manufacturers unfortunately.

The Fairphone team have already acknowledged that some people will have these issues, and they have taken that feedback on board. So hopefully in future this will be addressed for everyone.

Others in the community have slightly tweaked the holes with a knife/razor to slice away a little bit of the plastic to allow their plugs to fit properly. It’s not something that I advocate, but if you can adjust the plastic a little then you may not feel like the case it a waste of money

I have the fairphone case, a fairphone charger and regular headphones.
It is true that the headphones don’t plug in very easily, I have to push the phone deep in its case for the holes to match.
I can plug the charger quite easily, although just to be sure I still push the phone deep in its case as well.
I might tweak the holes to make the process easier. I haven’t been bothered yet to do that and I haven’t had to take the phone out of its case yet (i’ve had it for a month).
Really it’s not that big a deal, at least for me.


I just like to add a picture of the top side connectors when the FP is in the case. My ear-phones don’t fit in so I have to remove the case for listening to music. My USB cables work, even though they are not completely plugged in. But since I already broke the FPs motherbord once by ripping off the USB connector (IMHO a week spot of the FP) I remove the cover also for charging.

To name a great benefit of the case: The phone won’t “wobble” anymore when you use it while it’s laying on the table. The rear side has an even surface.

My case is a terrible fit too. the holes DONT line up and the case pushes the phone out so it doesnt fit under the little lip it should do. I have been told i have to ’ Break my case in ’ but weeks later its still a poor fit

@Ezikkiel have you flexed your case like in the fairphone video?

I had the same issue, and I don’t think the case will fit fully 100% like a glove, but flexing the case a couple times has given me a better fit. (well, on the phone, not me personally)

I used a cutter, and solved the problem

This is all nonsense. The best solution is, not to buy something bullshit like this.

@kdh - As I said before for balance there are many customers who will be satisfied with the case and do not have the problems you are referring to.

You have expressed your opinion quite clearly and as this is what you set out to do, I have closed this topic to new replies

There are other discussion topics ongoing about the Fairphone case, so I would direct any further contributions to this topic