Where to send my old phone to recycle?

So my 7 years old FP2 was finally replaced. I would like to recycle, but I dont trust other companies. I am not looking for any reward, just a peace of mind. I can even pay the shipping. Where should I send it? Its not clear to me from the web…

You can check here:


Please also consider joining Keep Club before submitting the phone for recycling as I believe you can get some extra points there,

If you are a member of the Keep Club, please use the same email address for this recycling process. Your recycling points will be added to your Keep Club account after the entire Recycling process is complete and you also received your gift card.


I’ve done so with my last FP after buying an /e/OS FP5. It works great! My recommendation for the Fairphone recycling procedure!


Thats where I checked, but I dont have the IMEI. The phone does not work any more and there is nothing under the battery. Without the IMEI I am stuck.

You could have said that before :wink:
And you don‘t have any paperwork about your FP2?

Dismantle your phone. At the side of the white case, which holds the core module you will find both IMEI numbers.

Paperwork? Its been seven years, man… Even the legal documents are supposed to be kept only five. I just dont get it, why does the company bother me with looking for IMEI when I just want to do a good thing on my own costs…

As long as I remember, the IMEI is supposed to be a very long number. All I see here is a number with begins with FP, followed by 7 digits… I guess thats not it.

Ok, I‘m out, no need to behave like that.

Dismantle the case and the rim. When you then hold the phone with the screen up you can see at the left side of the white case a barcode and the 2 IMEI numbers starting with 357197069xxxxx


Sorry Gandalf, I definitely didnt want to offend you.

OK, under the rim! Thanks a lot, found it. Unfortunately, the web replies that the IMEI is not valid. I quadruple checked.
I there really no address to which I could send the phone on my own costs?
I lack the time to do all this research…

I will try to find the address for you. Give me a few days.

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You could see if any local fairphone Angels want it for part, fp2 part are getting really hard to find.



Can you still boot the FP2?

If you can boot it, go to the Android settings, last menu item “About the phone” (translated from german) and look at about the middle of the list for the IMEIs.

PS: You could dismantle the FP2 and send the system board with the internal storage to FP and give the other parts to someone else.

You cant send parts to Fairphone…

You are right, just complete mobile phones are accepted.

Point being?
Perhaps you want to keep the paperwork for your next phone as long as you have the phone, the legal framework might not anticipate correctly how long we use devices :wink: .

“This is due to security and legal requirements. Instead, we encourage you to recycle your old phone(s) via an electronic waste point local to you. If you do not know where to find it, please consult your municipality website.”



Hello Katka,
here is your solution: send it to me!
My FP2 would be delighted to meet a peer in its sunset years. It might even regain confidence knowing there is a hip replacement donor at hand. I want it to live up to it’s 10th birthday. That must be about 300y in human years, right? Is there a Mathusalem Club out there?