Where to send my old phone to recycle?


Hi @Katka, I reached out to you in a private message with a solution, but feel free to send it to @sesame instead if you prefer - I like the idea of having an “organ donor” at hand. :wink:

@sesame: That’s really impressive! I am not sure there is a club (yet), but here’s another prospective member who my colleagues ran into in Berlin by coincidence a few weeks ago.


Hi Anna, thank you very much for your messages. I will send to the one which is nearer, to be seen with sesame…

Point being… my worry about scalability of such a procedure. If keeping a paperwork for seven years is required in order to be able to dispose of a product correctly, I am afraid that majority of people won’t do it (read: won’t dispose correctly and will just throw it in thrash or keep in their junk drawer forever). And how is the civil war in Congo ever going to end when recycling every tiny bit of conflict minerals is ever so complicated?

I gather that some people perceived my previous comment as agressive, I am sorry about that, that was definitely not my intention. I will do my best to keep the current paperwork for as long as it takes, but I find it hard to believe that there are no easier solutions…

Thanks a lot for your advice

Hi Sesame,

Congratulations to you keeping your FP2 for so long. I couldn’t. (it breathed in all the dust of Sahel during three years, it fell several times into the marshes in South Sudan, it has been charged on very unstable grids for years on end… and now it is resting in peace).
Can you tell me in which city you are in? I would be happy to send it to you if you are closer than the company.


Hello Katka,

I am very impressed where you spend your life. (I assume your FP didn’t go to Africa without you.) Are your a journalist ? Or working for an NGO ? An embassy? But surely they would have supplied you with the latest I-Phone? Sorry for being so nosy.

I live in France, in Mantes-la-Jolie (between the Paris area and Normandy).
I’m not sure if that makes me closer than the company, as I don’t know where you are. Your name sounds Czech?
I can also provide addresses in Vienna (parents), Luxembourg (sister), Germany (friends), if that improves my chances. But from South Sudan that all must look pretty much the same.

But I could of course pay for the postage.
If you are not in Australia.



Hello Anna,

thanks for the link to that other FP dinosaur.
You never walk alone :slight_smile:


Hello Sesame,

Sorry for the delay in my replying. If still interested, can you please send me your address at (see PM)
Thank you and best wishes for 2024.