Where to get help installing FP3+ front camera

Hi all,

I tried to install the front camera of the FP3+, but it’s not working. Can’t make it to click.
Which stores in Amsterdam do you think can help me make this work? Can I just go to any repair shop? Or do any of you have any advise on which ones have experience and will not charge too much.

Thanks so much!

Maybe asking a local Angel in Amsterdam?
See here: https://forum.fairphone.com/t/the-fairphone-angels-program-local-support-by-community-members/


You can check this topic as to how to clip them correctly:

Otherwise, indeed, perhaps the Amsterdam #fairphoneangel could help you, or you could also check the #repairshops list to see if there is one in Amsterdam (spoiler: there isn’t any listed).


And there is always iFixIT; offering a detailed “photo story” for module replacements. :wink:

and you can maybe find some help at one of the local repair cafes and other initiatives like this (though I have no idea, if there is any such cafe open right now):


Are talking about how to put the top module in the case ?

If that’s so, in order for it to click, you need to put the top part of the module first, and then press the bottom part until it clicks if I remember well (unless it is the other way around if I mix things up :sweat_smile:). Try them to fit in, you shouldn’t have to force it more than slightly for it to click.