Where to buy a Fairphone 3

Looking to buy a Fairphone 3, there is more than one option besides the official Fairphone shop:

Fairphone themselves offers the option to buy in “local” (online) shops.
Next to the “Pre-order”-button ther is a button labled “Local Store”, that gives you a list of other shops to buy from.
That list is depending on the setting for delivery location, that you can change by clicking on the “language & flag-symbol” in the top line.

And you can find a list of resellers in another thread in this forum. I have not checked out so far, if the lists are identical for all countries, but it seems, that the forum list offers more shoping alternatives than the Fairphone-button. On the other hand it can be expected, that the ones linked by Fairphone themselves are preferred sellers, that might get the phones first; and the FP-list should be most accurate and up-to-date:

If you want to add a new shop, please feel free to do so in the above linked Wiki-thread and not here. I will make this a wiki as well though, as I will leave it open to corrections, but see no real need for discussion. It’s more a news-thing.


I was just emailed by a local Fairphoner who told me he had just bought the FP3 at T-Mobile (Germany). This is also confirmed on Fairphone’s online shop (local dealers). I know we don’t post each and every additional outlet here, but still I think it’s quite a big deal. And of course I just added it to the list.

Congratulations, Fairphone! :slight_smile:


@BertG I see you added the physical store icon to the Telekom entry. I checked the Telekom website and from what I saw physical stores might not generally stock the FP3, but allow pickup of FP3s ordered. Now there might well be Telekom stores who will stock it, but it might vary.

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True, that’s why I added the logo.
This can never mean, that every shop has the phone in stock, but that this reseller offers to see and touch the phone.
At least that#s my understanding and how I standardized the list. How would we check the availability in shops?

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Frankly, I think the icon is only relevant for people if they can usually expect a FP3 for testing in there. If a store only serves as a pick-up point, the extra value is basically insignificant (just saving postage).

I would actually drop the “physical store” and “online shop” icons altogether. People will usually know who has phone stores and who has not. And they would still always have to make sure before visiting a store if the store has a phone or not. And I guess there are almost no stores anymore offering the FP3 who have no online shop.

And the prices could go as well, they just take too much time to keep them up-to-date. With contract/without contract is highly relevant and should stay.

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