✏ List of Fairphone 3 Resellers

The following is a list of resellers selling the FP3 by country + prices. It is a #wiki so feel free to add your findings.

  • Data for listed resellers updated 31th January 2020. Not checked for new resellers. (BertG)
  • Updated data for Sweden 22nd November 2020.


:globe_with_meridians:… shipping internationally
:lock:… only with contract
:unlock:… offers available with and without contract
:shopping:… physical store(s)
:shopping_cart:… online shop
:wrench:… offers spare parts
:headphones:… offers accessories (esp. FP headphones)

:austria: Austria

:belgium: Belgium

:finland: Finland

:fr: France

:de: Germany

Business customers

  • Everphone - :lock: FP3+ as one model of their “phone as a service” offer to businesses

:netherlands: The Netherlands

:sweden: Sweden

:switzerland: Switzerland

:uk: United Kingdom