Where in person Help with custom rom install in Bremen - Hamburg or Hannover

Hey people,
my Fairphone 5 is on the way back from repair after I bricked it during a custom rom install. I am not totally unexeperienced with custom roms. I have installed them on other devices in the past. But this: I followed instruction. But what now? I definitely want a custom rom, but I also do not want this to happen again. Are there any places, where I can do this together with a more experienced person together? I am located in Bremen, but thanks to Deutschlandticket I could go to Hannover, Hamburg , Osnabrück easily. May be even Berlin. Are there any groups of people who can help there?

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Next week Hamburg. I would suggest to contact the angels before to clarify someone is there to help you


I can probably do this at the 18th at your meetup.
I will be a bit late that day (will be there more like at 20:00 or so).

Can you share upfront:

  • What is on your phone’s current OS?
  • What is the date in Settings > About Phone > Android Version … for ‘Android Security Update’
  • Which custom ROM do you wanna get installed?
  • Do you also wanna relock the bootloader?

Thanks, unfortunately I will be in Prag on that day. Are they other meetings ahead?

Thank you for the offer. I can not make that meeting, but I will try the next available one. I assume the service will set it back to standard Fairphone OS. My failed attempt was iode OS, but I am not bound to that one. I would like it to be Lineage based, of course I like all the security/ privacy stuff. So I would also like to try MicroG, although I am not sure. I need to use banking apps. Regarding the relocking of the bootloader. If not necessary for above reason, I would like to keep it open.

The next meetup will be in around 3 or more month.
We just come together 3-4 times a year.

Right now you have the following options for the FP5:

DivestOS is not (yet) support for the FP5 but - I like his comparisons:
Patch History - DivestOS Mobile (so /e/OS and iodéOS seem to be a bit slow with patching from time to time)

Also nice and very detailed:

I use iodéOS right now (was one of the first available ROMs and I was able to remove everything which I don’t need more or less easily) and I plan to move to CalyxOS one day (still in Beta right now).

If you wanna stay LineageOS based, you only have the choice between iodéOS and /e/OS right now.
Regarding "Banking apps (they differ in detail) - I don’t do banking on my phone, but if, I would not try to fight against their mechanisms to detect root, no-gapps or an unlocked device. So I would probably install microg, do not root and relock the bootloader.

Ah and a comment about bricking or the risk of it:
The dangerous part is the relocking of the bootloader (the “functionality” is called “anti-rollback feature”). I recommend to read (expand the details) the red boxes in /e/OS install guide Install /e/OS on a Fairphone FP5 - “FP5” . Imho it is clearly described that the OS, you wanna switch to, should have the same or a newer “Android security update” (that it the name in the settings - at least here - they call it "“Android Security Patch Level” ) then the current installed one. So when you get back your phone (I agree, it will most probably have FairphoneOS installed then), you should check that and wait until your preferred ROM gets updated to the same or a newer level/date. So self-explanatory it is also recommended to not update the currently installed ROM. :wink:


Just to link the brick way…

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Next Meeting after Hamburg is in Munich (on 29th of April).
Reachable via Deutschlandticket but probably still too far away from Bremen for just a CustomROM installation…
Did you try to contact a fairphoneangel close to you? Maybe one could help?

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Indeed, might be too far, especially on a Monday. How do I find a fairphoneangel nearby?

By clicking on the tag fairphoneangels and then opening the topic and looking at the Map… However Hamburg is the closest to Bremen…