🏳️‍🌈 Where are the LGBT+/Gay/Trans/Queer Fairphoners at? (happy pride month!)

I’m curious how many fairphoners fall on the LGBT+ spectrum. Where are y’all from? What’s it like for you there?

I’m a transgender man (he/him), straight. I live in America. We got equal marriage 3 years ago this month but yesterday the Supreme court decided a Christian baker was in his right to deny service to a gay couple for their wedding cake and police still don’t really care for trans people much here so I guess you win some and lose some here.

And happy pride from America! I don’t know when other countries celebrate pride but
June is LGBT pride month here so I’m gonna do the most American thing and assume everyone around the world has the same culture and holidays as me.


Yay! :rainbow_flag:
Transwoman from Austria here.
I came out about a year ago - a little later on the forum.
I don’t think I met a lot of other queer fairphoners so far, but certainly some allies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here in Austria the Surpreme Court had to weigh in so we will finally have the “marriage for everybody” next year.

Happy pride to you too. :fist:


I love this thread! :rainbow_flag:

I’m a gay man in the UK. I’m in a Civil Partnership which is was the first version of the rights we won to recognise same-sex unions. We finally won the battle for equal marriages, so next year on our 10th anniversary we’ve decided to convert our CP to marriage. Interestingly we’re now battling to get equalised CPs so that ‘straight’ couples that want some form of union can have one without it being a ‘marriage’.

@FuturePOTUS we’ve got a ‘gay cake’ ongoing too, but the outcome couldn’t be more divergent from the US response: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-43955734 - I suspect the case will rumble on for some time yet and end up in the European Court of Justice for a final hearing where we tend to get a lot of sense!!

There was a fantastic ruling in the EU yesterday which means all EU member states must recognise the residency rights of married same-sex couples, regardless of whether the country they are residing in has legalised same-sex marriage or not.


Hetro women from Gemany here, but I am proud of all LGBT* who come out and live a happy life outside the closet! :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag:


Over the years my niece felt that although she had relations with man something wasn’t right.
A few months ago she realised she is gay.
Now I she her blossem, growing to the full potential.
And I am so pleased for her, as is the whole family.


Here. :rainbow_flag: from :de:.


:rainbow_flag: Happy Pride Month to you all :rainbow_flag:

I participated in a local Pride Walk yesterday which was great. I live in The Netherlands and the situation for LGBT+ is good. Sometimes bad stuff happens, especially by people/groups who don’t like LGBT+ for whatever reason.
The police even has an LGBT+ group called Pink in Blue (pink being used as the LGBT+ community colour and blue for the police), they take extra care for LGBT+ related issues.
The Netherlands was actually the first country to allow same-sex marriages in 2001. As far as i can see it isn’t even considered special any more, apart from some groups who simply don’t agree, but that’s their problem :slight_smile:


Hi, happy to say that there are happy poly guys too in the world, some live in Sweden :wink:


Happy late pride month! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just found this thread and wanted to say hello to my fellow queers. I’m something like a :rainbow_flag: genderqueer poly panflexible person (they or he) from :switzerland: Switzerland - but definitions are tricky by definition. :wink:

The situation is pretty good here for gays and increasingly for trans people, even if we still don’t have full same-sex marriage. The latter is probably only a matter of a couple of years now, but our direct democratic processes just take ages for change.

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