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Dear community,

I want to announce something personal to you all: I am a Transwoman!
It took a while for me to find out myself and then the last years to find the courage to come out to my friends and family.

I just started hormone therapy (one week before the #efct17), but until my appearance changes I will still live as a man in public.

But you girls and guys are more like friends than strangers so I feel comfortable coming out here. :slight_smile:

For technical reasons I won’t change my username, but I’ll change my profile pic, Title and full name to make it as clear as possible.
So please #callmepaula from now on. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Hello Paula,

maybe I could still say welcome to the forum, although you are on it way longer than me :wink: And keep up the excellent work you are doing here.

Wishing you all the best and admire your courage to post this online.



Here’s to the good new days!

All the best on your way, Paula. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t some admin be able to change that in the forum database or something to that end, so nothing would change for the account apart from the username? Not an admin’s dream job I guess, but you do so much for this community …

All the best for you, Paula, keep up the courage :+1: !


Cheer up, Paula, and congratulations! Receive my warm encourage for this special time for you, :blush:


First of all thanks everybody for the kind words! :blush:

We discussed that option with @Douwe and he even offered to pull an all-nighter changing each reference ( @paulakreuzer, quotes, etc… ) manually.
I looked and asked on meta.discourse and there is an automatic way, where I’d create a new account, transfer all posts’ ownerships to the new account and then run some scripts to change all referrals. But it’s quite error-prone and messes e.g. with the forum-stats.
I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s just a username after all. I’m just happy that once the time has come I can legally change my name easily.


You are also my friend. However, I have to say that the situation itself is strange to me and makes me feel uncomfortable. It will take me more time to get used to it. I hope you can explain it to me we can talk about it in person at some point.


I can understand your strange feeling, especially as you know her for quite some time; but I really don’t understand what there is to explain.
Maybe it’s just the wording that is bothering me and you are interested in Paulas story; which is a different thing. (I just hope, I make my point, as English obviously is not my native tongue.)
To me Paula is the same one she ever was and in my opinion wouldn’t need any explanation, even if would have known her since childhood. Seriously.


Congrats Paula.
Can imagine the “struggle” has been hard for quite sometime, so really great you have taken the step to be who you feel you are.


Hello Paula! Congratulations from my side as well. I hope you transformation journey makes you very happy!


Thanks for speaking out. Oh I wish for a world where there wouldn’t be a need to “explain”, but just tell. Love, Erik


Congratulations Paula! And thank you for sharing your path with us :slight_smile: I wish you a wonderful new life!


Congrats and I am happy this is a safe place for you to speak out.


I love these times that we are living in where people can become their real selves. So: Yay, Paula!


I want to paraphrase the motto of friends of Framasoft (“La route est longue, mais la voie est libre”, www.framasoft.org) : the road is long, but you decided that your way was free. Have a good trip, Paula!


Big respect to you Paula, I hope that your transition takes you to a happy place :smile:

@Stefan : there are lots of good sites/vids on the internet about dumb things not to ask trans people (it might help reduce the uncomfortableness)


@srfk, Paula and Stefan know each other quite well and I don’t think Paula will make a problem of it. I understand Stefan’s post, I also don’t really know what to think of this. I have only met, and thus only remember, Paul “1.0”. I will probably have peace with it the next time I meet her, but until that I feel a bit confused because she isn’t the Paul I thought she was. At least, that is how it feels for me as someone who met Paula a few times.
For now, @Paulakreuzer, I wish you all the best. Like I said to you in the ICE train, I still hope to meet you again next year, and please forgive me if I have in my ignorance said anything that hurts you.


@everybody: Again thanks for the kind words.

@AlbertJP No, not at all! I’m not hurt.
I completely understand that it’s confusing, especially for people who have gotten to know me as Paul, though I bet it doesn’t compare to the confusion I felt before I discovered my real identity.

Oh and to everybody who has gotten to know me: Just because I’ll change my appearance and name doesn’t mean I’ll change. I am an will continue to be the same person I’ve always been. The biggest difference you’ll notice will probably be that I’ll feel more comfortable in my skin (if my environment doesn’t make me uncomfortable).


Congrats. Enjoy life have fun. Feel free and feel you! All the best