When will the Fairphone 3 be available to countries outside of continental Europe

I’m in Japan and very interested in a Fairphone. I will be placing an order as soon as they are available and wish to know about when that will be. Even a rough estimate would be appreciated. The battery on my current phone is getting dodgy and they don’t sell replacements in Japan, so I hope it is soon.

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Unfortunately, they (Fairphone themselves) will not be shipping outside of EU, as the phone is not certified for other countries.
Still, some resellers sure will offer worldwide shipping.
Take a look at this wiki:

The** list of countries, Fairphone delivers to**, can be found on this page under point 2.6


Is that still “final”? It seems to me that if FP3 is successful, it might be able to get certification outside of Europe…

It would be so great to get the phone in the Americas… We’ve been waiting long enough!


Well, there is nothing definite, though I really doubt, that the FP3 will be certified for the US-market. First it will be marketed in Europe (see my last post). Should it sell well there, they might decide to take on the US-market; maybe summer next year.
Certifying the phone for the US and marketing it there then would be a waste of time and money, as the specs by then will be low level and not competitive. And the bands right now are not exactly ideal for Northern America.
Plus, they might have learnt some more things, they need to enhance the next phone on.

There’s an article on techcrunch, with a citation by van Abels:

When — or even whether — there will be a Fairphone 4 is a question he isn’t keen to engage with. Clearly the hope is Fairphone 3 packs enough smartphone punch to go the distance. Though he hints it might look to offer additional smartphones in order to enter the US, a major market it’s so far not addressed at all.
I guess, you will have to wait and see, if you want it sold officially in the US.


I suppose you could use some form of dropshipping. Personally, I find it a bit risky, and I think you end up paying double the tax.

well, i was able to order a FP2 from Canada with the Ecosto folks, but what i mean is for FP itself to ship to more countries.

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