Fairphone 3 available in Japan?


I’ve been interested in FP3 since its debut, and I am wondering:

  • Is it possible to use FP3 in Japan? (on Docomo / KDDI / Softbank /…)
  • Is it possible to buy one from (or in) Japan? (via Internet / retail store /…)

Thanks in advance,

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So basically it should work in Japan.

Is it possible to buy one then.

No guarantees as to usability, of course - all you’re going on is one user’s experience.

It isn’t for sale in Japan, and FP will not ship there. The way to get your hands on an FP2 is by asking a friend to order the phone to their house and then ship it to you, or you can use a drop shipping company.

Keep in mind that by using the phone in Japan, a place to which FP’s services do not extend, you will have no warranty, even though the price of warranty is still included in the price of the device, and using customer service will be very difficult. If you need a spare part you’ll have to pay for it and use a friend or drop shipping company to get it to Japan.

I’m not trying to discourage you (well, maybe a little), but it’s important to realise these things.


All points made by @robbert.f apply.

Shipping worldwide (in theory) …



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You can also take a look at the ✏ List of Fairphone 3 Resellers which shops ship :globe_with_meridians: internationally …

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