When connecting to Laptop all folders of FP2 are empty

I have a FP2 (Android Version 6.0.1) and a Laptop with Windows 10 Home.
Out of sudden when connecting the FP2 with my laptop via USB I do see all the folders (Music, Pictures, Videos…) but they are all empty. I tried different connection modes (MTP, TPT…) but it didnt’ change. I saw different folders then, but they were still empty. There is definitely music in the “Music” folder and there are definitely pictures in the “Pictures” folder.
But when I copy music in the “Music” folder I can see these files.

Hope anybody can help!

Clear the cache of “Media Storage”. This should trigger rebuilding of the list of contents on your FP2.

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I emptied the “Cache data” in “Internal storage”. That didn’t help.
Or did you mean sth else with media storage?

To be honest, I haven’t got an FP2 right now. I think you need to go to Settings > Apps and find “Media Storage” there. When you select it, you should get the option to clear/empty the Media Storage cache.

under Settings-Apps there is no such a thing like “Media Storage”. I checked a couple of Apps (Photos, Camera…) there and their caches are also pretty empty.

I finally found the exact instructions:

Go to Settings > Apps > (touch the 3 point in the up-right corner) Show System processes (or something like that, I translate from french) > Media Storage > Storage* > Clear DATA.

Source: USB file access (MTP) not longer working after upgrade


Thanks a lot!!!
Now all the pictures are visible on my laptop. Music not - strange enough… but thats not a big problem.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

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