WhatsApp cannot dowload pictures

Hi FP community,

Since this afternoon, I haven’t been able to view/ access any pictures in WhatsApp - both pictures that I had previously seen and new ones. I’m using a FP2, without SD card.

I’ve checked the following, as suggested here.:

  1. Wifi and mobile data are working fine;
  2. Time and date are correct;
  3. I have still almost 3 GB of internal storage available - which is not loads, but also shouldn’t prevent me from downloading pictures.

I have deleted all cached data and restarted my phone. I’m reluctant to un- and reinstall WhatsApp, as I am not sure whether I will be able to get any of the pictures back (despite backup).

Has anyone encountered a similar issue before and can advise me on what to do?

Many thanks in advance!

Give it some waiting time. On some social media (Facebook, Instagram) there has been a similar pattern today. Maybe it will work again in some hours.


Yes, seems like the problem has been solved :slight_smile: No idea why the information about the issue didn’t come up when I searched the problem - but thanks a lot anyways!

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