What's going on with Fairphone Customer Support?

My wife has had a dead Fairphone 2 for almost a month now and Support hasn’t followed up to repeated requests for help. For more than 14 days now I have been waiting for a reply from Support. This is really starting to annoy me. Does anyone at Fairphone read this forum? I hope so, and maybe they can contact me because my wife would really like to have a working phone.

Furthermore, it is impossible for me submit a request online or view an already submitted request (which I submitted by calling the support hotline). I have tried this using Chrome and IE separately. Both don’t work. Clicking on the link to my request in the confirmation e-mail I got from the FP support person leads to a page called ‘Oops! the page you were looking for does not exist’. (!) I have mentioned this issue in my support request AND sent a separate e-mail message to customer service. Both have gone unnoticed, so it seems. In any case I haven’t received any reply so far regarding this issue.

Support for my own FP2 has been fast and reliable in the past. Why this change?

Here’s my ticket number: Support.

To anyone from Fairphone: please help!
To any community members: does any of this ring a bell?

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Welcome to the community forum!

Not really, Fairphone employees don’t officially read requests on this forum, although some may wander on the forum.

I’m sorry you have problems with them, because I had no problems with them with my recent issue.

Well it does the same for me when I click on your link, because this is a personal request and others can’t have access to it (I think)

Did you try phoning them?

Thanks Alex,

To be honest, I only phoned them the first time, after trying to submit my request online. I like e-mail better as far as tech support goes.

So… back to the drawing board…
Maybe I’ll give them a call on Monday.

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In my browser (Opera) this link opens the support page and a PopUp-window to log in to your support request.
That’s the way, it’s meant to be.
Beware! The login is not the one you use for your Fairphone shop-account.

I really feel for you and don’t consider this lack of response acceptable.
Just keep in mind, that it’s special times right now and that every country and every company is managing the crisis slightly different.
In May 2019 Fairphone organized it’s first-line support new by “bringing it home again”. So, they do not do this support by call-centers in asia but by employees in the Netherlands. While it’s good regarding working-conditions etc. this on the other hand means, that regulations will be followed. In India e.g. (where to my knowledge many call-cneters are located), such things might be taken more lightly.

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Thanks Bert,

The problem is, after logging in I still get the Oops page.

I’m aware part of my complaint comes from being impatient. The world has turned upside down. It’s just that the day I called, I immediately got an e-mail with instructions, but since then, no more mails. I hope my support rep hasn’t fallen ill.

And now my laptop battery is almost empty, so I have to go…

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If you still can’t get to the support page after logging in, this means there is probably a problem with the link, because this happens either when the link is wrong, or when the user logging in isn’t authorized to view the request (i.e isn’t the one who did the request).

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Maybe @rae can help and clarify the support-situation at Fairphone.
If there really is a Corona-induced lack in personnel or unexpected delays, I would consider it a good idea, if they placed a pop-up or some kind of “stamp” on the support page.
I have come across such “Covid announcements” on other pages quite regularely.

So, they already did. Sorry, a lack of research on my side. :blush:
Thx @Alex.A for the next post.

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However, our customer support team is fully operational and if you have any questions about your phone or a recent order, they are happy to help you.

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When I called customer support from my home in the Netherlands, I got an English speaking rep, which is no problem for me although writing in English is way easier for me than speaking it (time to think and rephrase).

I suppose I can’t blame my rep for not responding when she might be in quarantine or worse.
I just wish someone else would take over my ticket.

Especially since this morning my family and me learned that we will be going abroad elsewhere in Europe for three months from July 1st. A working phone is a must have in such a situation :wink:

Thanks again for your input. Will call CS on Monday.



What is going on with customer support?

My phone went missing between the depot and my house last week. DHL are being no help at all, so I guess it got pinched. :frowning:

Raised a support ticket on Monday, but no response from FP. Tried calling yesterday but got the message that telephone support is out for the rest of the week. Great!

Original problem not FPs fault, but total lack of support here is very concerning.


I myself cannot help here, but just in case @rae can check back with the office, it would help and save time if you already posted your support ticket number here.


If I get it right, the phone was on the way to you.
As only the sender (as contract partner of DHL) can make any claims, Fairhphone has to react; that’s for sure.

Telephone-support out of order is terrible for sure. The way, they are announcing it on their support page makes it look like some technical thing, like e.g. installation of a new telephone system. In my opinion a short explanation like this would have been helpful.
And, of course, e-mail should be working most effiicient in such a case.
Did you - at least - receive an automated response, that your support request was received, so you have a support ticket number?
Otherwise I would send another mail, as mails can get lost as well as parcels.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Yes, would be great if someone could at least keep me informed what’s going on:

Ticket number is #388594.


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Hi Iain,

Apologies for the delayed response and the frustration caused. I have followed this up with the Customer Support team and I am told your ticket is currently being looked at. One of my colleagues will reach out to you very soon, if she has not in fact already done so.




DHL finally confirmed to me a week and a half ago that the phone was lost/stolen. Unfortunately there seems to still be some communication problem with FP and no replacement has been sent.

So tomorrow is now four weeks since I ordered. :-/ During which time the support has been… minimal…



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