What to do with my old FP1?

recently I repalced my FP1 with something newer. Now I’m thinking about what to do with my old FP1. It has several issues:

  • USB port not working reliably
  • camera broke during a repair attempt
  • battery is getting a little weak
  • housing condition isn’t the best

Now I’m wondering what would be most sustainable: try to repair an sell / give away OR donate the parts that are working (the display is fine). What do you recommend?

If there’s a Fairphone Angel nearby, you can donate the remainders (primarily the display is always of interest) so that others’ FP1s can be fixed. :slight_smile:


I am just curious what’s that?

OK, thanks! I’ll do that!
It’s a used Samsung Galaxy S5 I got for free! :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks! In this forum many people complain about problems with their Fairphone and as far as I know Fairphone never released data whether this is just because the forum is the place for that or whether the Fairphone has a below average reliability. Anyway, on Amazon I saw 1245 reviews for an S5, 24% of them are 1 star ratings.

To be clear: I never would have bought that device. But since I got it for free and LineageOS 16 (Android 9) is available, it was a great upgrade for me.

If my FP1 would die now I would also get a Samsung Galaxy S5, simply because it is one of the phones with the best LineageOS support. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone, who doesn’t feel up to installing a custom ROM. In this case I’d still recommend FP2.

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