List of Fairphone heavens

Outdated information ## List of heavens

How to use: Just take the city you want to contact and add “[@]fairphone[.]community”, so it becomes an email address in the format city@fairphone.community.

Status Country City or area
:white_check_mark: :netherlands: Amsterdam
:white_check_mark: :belgium: Antwerp
:white_check_mark: :de: Augsburg
:white_check_mark: :es: Barcelona
:white_check_mark: :de: Berlin
:white_check_mark: :de: Bielefeld
:white_check_mark: :es: Bilbao
:white_check_mark: :fr: Bressuire
:white_check_mark: :uk: CentralLondon
:white_check_mark: :switzerland: Chur
:white_check_mark: :denmark: Copenhagen
:white_check_mark: :de: Erfurt
:white_check_mark: :de: Freiburg
:white_check_mark: :fr: Grenoble
:white_check_mark: :de: Hamburg
:white_check_mark: :de: Hannover
:white_check_mark: :netherlands: Leiden
:white_check_mark: :de: Leipzig
:white_check_mark: :austria: Linz
:white_check_mark: :fr: Montpellier
:white_check_mark: :de: Munich
:white_check_mark: :fr: Orleans
:white_check_mark: :fr: Paris
:white_check_mark: :it: Padova
:white_check_mark: :de: Ravensburg
:white_check_mark: :de: Rhein-Main
:white_check_mark: :de: Rhein-Ruhr
:white_check_mark: :de: Rhoen
:white_check_mark: :de: Rostock
:white_check_mark: :de: Stuttgart
:white_check_mark: :it: Taranto
:white_check_mark: :netherlands: Tilburg
:white_check_mark: :fr: Toulouse
:white_check_mark: :austria: Vienna
:white_check_mark: :switzerland: Zurich

*Legend: :white_check_mark: Heaven is set up and working | :black_large_square: Heaven exists, but is not active (yet) | :white_large_square: Heaven temporarily not available


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