What to do with long topics about many issues

Wow, 380 Posts in this topic, dozens of users with dozens of different issues for dozens of different build versions.

@Moderators: Is there any chance we can turn this into a more useful, digestible format? Split it up in different threads (per issue)?

Splitting long topics is really hard work.
What we usually do in such cases is just close the topic and thereby “force” people to use or create other topics for their individual issues.

I would not be in favour to walk myself through many different threads to get an overview about all current issues with LOS 17.1…

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You might try out the discourse “summarize this topic” function which you find in the first post of this topic. It reduces the topic to currently 80 posts…

That’s what the tag #lineageos is for.
You can also display topic by category (e.g. FP3) and tag.
I think that gives a much better overview than one long topic.


Talking specifically about Lineage 17.1 - FP2 …

The topic was started by the maintainer of LineageOS on the Fairphone 2. The opening post says

So, the maintainer of LineageOS, he who might be able to fix stuff in it, seems to me to want to collect all the stuff which doesn’t work in this single topic so he has an overview in one place and doesn’t need to unnecessarily roam around in multiple topics.

I think this needs to be taken into account, although I agree that most of the time long topics covering multiple issues are not ideal.


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